Eden - (Bars in Lassi)

Colin J           

Very relaxing and chilled out with really good music. Cocktails were good and the bar itself was very scenic with water features and plants etc. Really enjoyed the laid back atmosphere

Nikos Apartments - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Colin J           

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The best thing about these studios is the view! Absolutely breath-taking. I could easily have spent the whole week on the balcony, in the glorious sun, drinking a cold Mythos looking click to enlargeout over the bay of shimmering water towards Lixouri and out to 'Rabbit Island'! Even at night, you can see the twinkling lights of Lixouri across the bay and look up at the stars (and on a clear night you can actually see the milky way!). The only down side was the steep hill upon which the studios are situated. But it is well worth it just for the view and the extra tranquility. Plus the Olive Garden pool-bar is just 2 minutes walk from the studios so ideal if you just need a quick bite or a bottle of water etc. The studios themselves are basic, as most are in Greece, but to be honest, you won't need to spend much time indoors in Lassi!

Monte Nero - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Colin J           

We have just come back from a week in Lassi and went to Monte Nero once during our holiday. The restaurant looks quite upmarket but that it just the image they are going for. The service we recieved was extremely pleasant and quick and all the staff we came across were very friendly. The meal was absolutely superb (a certain type of meatballs - can't remember the exact name ) there was so much flavour, it was cooked to perfection and it was presented wonderfully! It was something you would expect to find in a top restaurant back here, and I'm sure you'd be expected to pay around 20 here too (it was 17 euros for that specific dish). So I disagree with people who say the prices are a rip off, as I believe you only get what you pay for! And there are cheaper dishes available, starting at around 6 euros, should you have a tighter budget. It was definately the best meal I had that week and would definately return.

Lassi Resort - (Resorts in Kefalonia)

Colin J           

Me and my girlfriend (23 & 21) have just came back from a week in Lassi (13th - 20th Aug) and we loved every minute of it! Lassi has a relatively busy main road but if you get an apartment just off it, it isn't a problem (and handy for flagging taxis!). We stayed up the hill at the Nikos studios which meant it was quiet and we had fantastic views. The nightlife is quite lively, but laid back (no binge drinking and no big same-sex groups out to get wasted!). None of the bar and restaurant staff hassle you to come in to their place (which bugged the life out of me when I was in Crete and Zante!) and you can stroll the main street at your leisure. There is more than enough bars, tavernas and restaurants so that you will not get through them all in one night, and maybe not the week. And there are loads you will just have to go back to (EastWest!). Also Argostoli is a 20 minute walk away, or a 5 minute, 5euro taxi ride away. We went one night to the main square there and the place is buzzing after 10 o clock, full of the locals with their children mixed with the tourists which creates such an amazing atmoshpere, you'd have to witness it to understand what I mean!

The beaches around Lassi are also good, but tend to get quite busy after around 1pm. We prefered to visit different ones around the island, such as Myrtos (the most picturesque beach on the Island - about a half an hour drive/ taxi ride away, but well worth it) and Avithos beach. Get a taxi! Only 10 euros and takes 15mins. Parking is awkward so I wouldn't take a car. But it is a very peaceful beach with good water for swimming and a small taverna and restaurant on the beach front.

Day trip to Olympia - (Kefalonia Excursions)

Colin J           

We decided on this trip as we thought it'd be a nice day out and good to soak up a bit of history. Yes the history side of it is fascinating but the 8 hours overall travelling was just too much. From Lassi you get the coach to Poros which, including pickups, takes around an hour and a half. After that there's an hour and a half ferry ride to the mainland, and after that, another hour coach ride to Olympia. And as the other reviews have mentioned, the Kosmar rep never told us that we would have to pay 9 euros each once we got there to actually get into the museum and the Olympic site. I know it's only 9 euros but when you paid 58 euros each up front, you'd think that was it. Plus, another thing with Olympia is that no matter how hot it is around Greece, Olympia is about 7 or 8 degrees hotter. We were warned about this and how true they were. When walking around the site at about 2pm the temperature was up to 48 degrees C, which is unbearable when you are trying to listen to a tour guide. He was very informative and very enthusiastic, but he was fighting a losing battle trying to get any response out of a group of baking tourists! Even the wind was hot!

I wouldn't recommend this trip unless you are really into your Greek history as it gets tedious. Something to see, but not from Kefalonia! 

Glass bottom boat trip - (Kefalonia Excursions)

Colin J           

One of the best excursions I've ever done on a holiday. The comment by the lady below describes it perfectly! It is well worth the money and the day flies by so quick. If it wasn't my last day when I did it, I'd probably try to book up again! Captain Makis and his crew were excellent and every part of the day was enjoyable. The best way to book up is at your welcome meeting with your rep (get in quick as the places go fast!), but even if you don't get in through your holiday rep, there are a couple of places along the main road of Lassi that do the same trip with Captain Makis (the only thing is that by doing this you may end up on the trip with foreign tourists and it will make it harder to achieve the group atmoshphere - but still great nonetheless!!)

If you go to Kefalonia, make sure you do this trip!