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Tour Operators in Kefalonia

Hilary J          10/10

Excellent service.  Everyone was so helpful. Would definitely use First Choice again.

Stefan N          10/10

Got to say first choice were brilliant, very helpful and the reps were always smiling and happy

James T          9/10

Excellent service, well organised and will definately use first choice  again  

Tony & madeleine P          10/10

FIRST CHOICE . . FIRST CLASS . .  what more need we say ?

Sarah S           

Traveled with first choice for the first time, flight excellent, service great, timing excellent chech in excellent.

Booked pre booked seats, best thing as you will queue jump at the airport worth the extra money.
We left earlier than expected even with the security checks at the moment !!!
would use again Well Done First Choice !!!!!

Albert H           

Made the mistake of hiring our car with Suncars/Hertz through First choice on the high street before travelling to avoid hiring a death trap. We were told it would be delivered to the hotel. We were NOT told we would be charged at point of delivery about 40 euros for this, after we'd waited more than an hour after the arranged time for it to show up. Also we did not get the make/model we'd specifically agreed (there is no way I would have chosen to drive an underpowered Fiat Panda up mountain tracks!)

We are now searching through our unpacking trying to find the receipt to go straight back to the travel agent and demand a refund for the delivery charge. That was definietky the worst bit about our holiday, which was otherwise very good.

Amy S           

We had a very enjoyable stay in Svoronata with First Choice and our rep Dave was friendly and helpful without the pressure of selling tours. We went on a trip to Sami and although this wasnt very guided it wasnt made out to be. At the welcome meeting Dave covered all subjects and made sure all questions were answered  thank you!

Bill T           

having just returned back home on sunday, first choice once again proved that they are the best tour operator to travel with, the flights both out and back were excellent, in fact the return flight left on time and we actually arrived twenty minutes earlier. organisation at the airport was brilliant, better than any other company which was flying out that day, in fact they are so good a company we have already booked next years holiday already with them. keep up the good work; and how the previous commentator can pass average marks when she did not even travel with the company is beyond me, and why was she listening to what was obviosuly a private conversation, and did she know all the facts and has she never b***hed about aspects of her job, we all do it.

Tim L           

Thanks for a great holiday. Booked again for next year at the same place. 700 cheaper than Thomsons


Once again First Choice were excellent.  Flights left bang on time on the departure and return jouneys. Staff helpful and polite and I would strongly recommend pre-booking your seats on the plane.  It means that you can jump the queue when you get back to Kefalonia airport.  We went straight to check-in!  Well done First Choice - keep it up.  Will definitely travel with you again.

Louise S           

First Choice were brilliant when I went to Kefalonia Last year I have booked to go in October this year again with First Choice, Last Year we were delayed at the airport on our way out to Kefalonia but when we landed our rep was fantastic on our Transfer to Pelagos Bay in Skala our rep was so nice telling us all about the area of Skala where to go and what to do.

I must admit we only saw them a few times in our stay, We left early to come home which was good we weren't delayed. All in all First Choice are brilliant they didn't hassle us in to going on trips but we did and really enjoyed them.

Graham & jean V           

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Booked via Travel Agent as a surprise for my wife's 60th birthday. Communication was as requested - nothing to the house, tickets arrived nearly a month before, flight out was on time and hassle free.

At the resort transfer was easy, Rep (Pat) was pleasant and informative without being pushy to sell their overpriced tours. They really need to look at this as they were nearly twice the price as Etam Travel for the same thing and the guides were all english as well with other operators.
She was 'around' whenever you needed her and the office was always open as advertised. Flight home was the same and left 20 minutes early with pleasant staff throughout.
Thanks First Choice for a hassle free holiday.

Diane H           

Everything went as planned. The flight was good both ways. We even left early on our flight back to Cardiff.

Andrew H           

We were lucky because we came here last year, but we could still be waiting at the Airport for our coach, as we were told to wait in an area as our coach had not arrived. Not a problem. After 15 mins went to a rep for an update only to be moaned at as the coach was waiting for us.
Following this we had a great holiday at the Polymnia Appts.
No sign of a rep for 2 weeks!!
On the departure day called at the office to confirm pick-up time.
Quote" It's on the Notice Board 2.50pm haven't you read it?".
Coach arrived at 2.30pm of course.
Flight back to Gatwick on time 2hrs 50mins. But where are the coaches to take you to the terminal building. This takes a further 45mins and to cap it all someone had either taken one of our cases before we arrived at the baggage hall or its still flying round somewhere.
We had a fantastic holiday but no thanks to First Choice.

Wendy F           

I quite agree - First Choice don't deserve all the bad comments on this page. Perhaps we were lucky, but our flight out to Kefalonia
left right on time and coming home we even left slightly earlier. The flight was excellent - our booked seats were upgraded to extra leg room at no extra cost, and the flight crew were polite and helpful. The plane was clean, tidy and looked fairly new. When we landed on Kefalonia, our transfer to our accommodation was excellent. We didn't sit for ages on a hot coach waiting for people to get on like we have experienced at other resorts. Our reps at the resort were good fun and were never pushy when it came to the trips etc. There were always around if we needed any information at any time. The quiz night they organised was one of the best evenings we had during our stay. Our holiday was booked on the First choice website and it was quick and efficient. Much nicer than sitting for hours in a crowded travel agents. So, give First Choice a chance. There are some other airlines and tour companies that I have flown with that have been absolutely dreadful and wouldn't want to use them again. I have already booked my holiday for next year, and it is with First Choice again. I hope that I can repeat this and sing their praises again!!

Dempster J           

Great Holiday - No complaints, flight, transfer, accomodation all first class.

Dempster J           

Loved it. First Choice don't deserve all the bad comments. You just can't please some people.
Just back from Lassi and had a great time, no complaints about anything.

Seen a guy at the airport on the way home having a right go at the rep beacause it was so busy and the queue was too long. Hardly the rep or the tour operators fault, we all know what foreign airports are like.

Do you know reps get paid 400 a month for a 5/12 day week. Working at least 14 hours a day, sometime more. They also have to feed themselves from that. So give them a break.

Frances Q           

Just back from Lassi, and First Choice were great. Flight and accomodation were first class. Reps were friendly and helpful (Gary especially). Trips were good, did the Onassis boat trip, and round the island tour. All in all a great holiday, I've used First Choice before, and I will be doing so again.

Joyce D           

Great!!! reps Gary & Jae were fantastic, nothing too much trouble.

First class holiday at the Marianna Studios

Joyce D           

Had to write after reading all those awful comments about First Choice. They must have improved vastly this year. We had a great holiday in Lassi, our rep Gary couldn't have done more for us, nothing was too much trouble, all the First Choice staff were friendly and helpful.
Our accomodation was great, flight was good,(Apart from the food which was ok, but airline food is never very good)

All in all I would definatley use First choice again.

Clare B           

We didn't find First Choice very good. But it didn't affect our holiday. The flight was fine - a bit cramped, but for a short flight it was ok, and the food was good. The transfer to the resort was very efficient, and the accommodation itself was beautiful...very quiet, but that's what we wanted. Unfortunately, the tour rep wasn't very useful...she did not seem to know the island very well and it was evident in her lack of ability to guide us to the best places to visit, and she couldn't help us when we enquired about horseriding and scuba diving. But this didn't really matter to us as we had booked a hire car from Greekstones and were planning to do our own trips and had been told the best places to go by the hire car company! We did book one excursion through First Choice, the Beach BBQ, which was a brilliant day out. So you basically got what you paid was a cheap holiday, so don't expect too great a service from the tour rep, but it still didn't affect our holiday and we had a great time.

Karen G           

Having read other peoples comments i am glad i didnt see them b4 i went. No real problems at all as far as our week went. Very helpful staff at the Wickford, Essex shop. Flight OK if a bit bumpy but i think that was the mountainous area and there never is enough room on the plane for short legs let alone long ones. Transfer coaches very comfortable. No need to see the rep as we didnt want to do tours. Wish we had been told that we could have reserved a seat downstairs on transfer back to airport, had an 8 yr old who is not a good traveller despite travel pills. Sick bags would be a nice thing to supply considering the terrain. Overall had a great time and would use First Choice again, but have a good look at the options as prices seemed to vary a lot when speaking to other people. We stayed at the Nirithes in Skala. Brochure says TV in room, but not working. We went 9 to 16 May and had temps in the high 70 low 80 every day. Would deffinately go that time again.

Michelle G           

I'm about to complain to First Choice because of a holiday ruined by the incompetence of them and their tour guides. Our guide Gemma was absolutely appalling and as someone else mentioned, was more interested in selling the daytrips and getting people to hire cars than making sure we had a good holiday. Wish I had read your views before booking with them. She didn't even know that it was a bank holiday on the Monday before we left. Neither did the reps in the First Choice Office at Lassi. They were completely uninterested in us and they were all rude and standoffish. We got all of our information from a local taxi driver! On our last day we had to hang about for almost 9 hours with our luggage. We were told that we could just leave it in the toilets underneath the pool which had no locking doors. Our rep Gemma informed us that Kefalonia resorts have never had a room for left luggage and that we should just leave our luggage unattended while we went off for the day. She said that this was the norm and we were made to feel that we were being difficult in querying it. I wonder if Airport security know that First Choice policy is to tell holidaymakers to do this!! I would never use First Choice again, they were absolutely appalling!

Rodney M           

Both flights were cramped ( I am 6'2") Our rep Donna in Svoronata was fine. We stayed at the Barbara apts, very nice, but on the Thursday night had major disruption from a large welsh family until 3 in the morning!! Singing, guitar and hysterical screaming. Lodged a complaint next day with the island office (Donna's day off), to be told they would sort out the problem. Well, the last two nights (Fri and Sat) were quieter, but I feel that First Choice should have done more. Also the coach to the airport was due on the Sunday at 10:35am. Turned up at 10:10 just as we were sitting in the cafe starting to drink a coffee. The rep had a face like a slapped a#*e, and treated us as if it were our fault for keeping the coach waiting, while we collected our cases. Will NOT be using First Choice again!!

Ruth S           

Generally the holiday was excellent value for money but the great time we had was despite, not because of, the First Choice rep in Lassi. Most of the advice we gained from her was next to useless, especially about the 2-hour coastal walk from Lassi to Argostoli (where were the "lots of places" to stop for an ice-cream/drink/swim along the route, I'd like to know???!).
Also, the transfer was not handled very well either way - we weren't told we'd be hustled off the bus and have to wait around in the midday sun for a taxi the rest of the way (which added probably another half hour at least to the original transfer time of 20 minutes). On the way back they seemed to be equally as disorganized. After check in everyone tried to board their flight only to be turned back because we were too early. The reps at the airport didn't seem to feel the need to let everyone else on the same flight know, however, with the result that people had to queue twice to board their flight. To anyone who is wondering about whether to go with First Choice, I'd say you're OK as long as you've got a lot of patience, common sense, and are happy to get on with your holiday by yourself.

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