Tour Operators in Kefalonia

Gordon W           

Libra is a good tour operator - everything went to plan but I would suggest that they put pressure on the owners of Pelagos Apartments in Skala to clean a bit more often.

Excelair were an efficient airline but 1" more legroom would make all the difference.


booked last minute deal with them, excellent stayed at the Avithos resort hotel which was out of this world...steve the rep was brilliant.would recomend highly.....will travel with them again

Melanie K           

We travelled to Kefalonia with Libra. I shall never travel with them again especially when they insist that a one-windowed apartment (in the bedroom only) for two adults and two children (no window or ventilation in the toilet, nor any ventilation or window in the kitchen/living area and the stench that comes from it is like living in a toilet for a full week)is within their contract of "All our accommodation is selected with care and consideration for cleanliness, comfort and convenience". We had to leave the door open on our first night so neither my husband nor I had any sleep. We could not even get in touch with the Rep nor the owners of the accommodation to get the apartment sorted out. The Libra reps were totally useless and think that they know everything. We had to book into a hotel the next night as Libra refused to do anything for 48 hours after our arrival and expected us to stay awake another night with the door open to let fresh air in.

Tim G           

First time we travelled with Libra - it was a late booking. We normally go with Thomson so were interested in the comparison.

Rep was excellent, very enthusiastic and approachable with no real hard sell. Accomodation lovely. In fact we chose the Eleni becasue of the comments on this website. Transfers were efficient. Trips great although we were always the first pick-up; on one trip at 7.10am. It was still dark - we woke up the roosters!

Only one tiny whinge which was over getting a veggie meal on the flight. Ordered when I booked the holiday but not there on the outward bound flight - apparently I should have booked it at check-in. So filled out form on flight to book it for homeward flight. And they still had no record. BUT they still managed to get me one. Its just annoying when travelling cattle-class that I have to publically inform 50 people within ten feet of me that I'm an awkward eater when the stewardesses bring round the rations.

Stephen Y           

On our first visit to the Greek islands, we were impressed with the service provided by Libra. Reps were there to meet the flight and coaches were provided to the accommodation (these can provide a white-knuckle ride through the narrow village streets, depending on the driver!). Reps' presence was unobtrusive but helpful during our stay. We were also impressed with the way that the reps organised the checking in of about 280 people for the flight home at Kefalonia's airport, which is only small. They organised an efficient queueing system and despite there being only one luggage scanner and two check-in desks, it did not take too long to process everyone. I would be happy to use Libra again.

Philip J

Hi, can you help i am trying to find the e.mail address for the airport in Kefalonia. We are going there in two weeks time with Libra, this is our fith time there with Libra and your service is superb.
Thank you .

Nicola D           

We booked our fortnight in Kefalonia at the last minute so were unsure of where we would end up! We couldn't have hoped for a better holiday. The tour operator, Libra was great, very friendly, helpful and easy to get hold off when you needed them! We are going to Kef. again this year, unfortunately only for 7 days but we will probably travel with Libra again.

Trev H           

Try the place. WE LOVED it and would go again.TRY IT. GREAT PLACE

Kate F           

Didn't have too much to do with them really, but when we did try and find them, we discovered that they only staff their office for one hour a day. also, on the flight out, our vegetarian meals (and everyone else's) hadn't been ordered. Apartment was not very clean, and the towels were only changed once - which isn't good enough for a sandy beach resort. Also, the rep's directions to the apartment were completely useless.

Jill M           

Would definatley recommend Kefelonia (and Libra) to anyone thinking of going.

Ron L           

Karen Harris, please send us your e-mail address so that we can respond personally. regards Ron & Bernie

Ronald L           

Everything about this holiday was perfect, so much so that we are doing it all again with Libra next year.

Martin M           

The tour companies book-up all the places on the excursions such as the "glass bottomed boat" charging 60euros (39.00) where the price on the dock is 35euros (17.50) We didn't get the accommodation we booked- moved to appartments without a pool. The rep was good - not "in your face" My advice - don't book the excursions hire a car (from about 18.00 per day) and have the freedom of not being a part of a "coach party"

Wendy N           

We only booked a few weeks before we went away and had not heard of Libra Holidays or Air Scandic before. However we were very impressed with both parties. The local reps were very friendly and knew what they were talking about but were not "in your face". The flights were fine and we experienced no problems throughout. We would definately use them again.

Jacqueline K           

We had never used Libra before and were very impressed with the whole experience. The flight was excellent and on time. The in flight food was very good. Our rep, Chris, was an extremely nice lady with a wealth of knowledge about the island. The welcome meeting was actually enjoyable. Our accommodation, Katerina apartments in Svoronata, were very well run by George and Katerina, spotlessly clean and well maintained. We would travel with Libra again, with pleasure.

Cathy M           

I must agree with Irene Campbell's comment's, this is the second time with have been with Libra Holidays and they are excellent. There all mature Ladies and saying mature not in the (older type), but sensible girls, who were very clued up on the Island and information. At the first morning meeting our young lady did not oversell the trips, which was a god send, as you usually find that they bully you into going, even if you don't want to!She was a mind of information. Transfer from Aiport to accomodation was quick and efficient and again from accomodation back to airport, they even saw you through to the departure lounge. Accommodation was brilliant once again, no complaints at all. Value for money excellent and we will be using them again in September.

Irene C           

Brilliant reps, reliable and didnt try to "bug"you. Knowledgeable about the island. No delays , transfers were quick and in comfortable transport

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