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Felicity G

Has any one the email address of the Kosmar Office in Lourdas or they telephone number?

Jean Q          8/10

An otherwise excellent Kosmar holiday was spoiled by problems relating to the flights.

Having booked online only a week before, we arrived at Bristol airport 3 hours before departure as instructed in the booking confirmation in order to collect our tickets from the airline agencies counter, only to find that the counter is not manned until 2 hours before departure so we had to hang around for an hour. Not a good start.

The flight was slightly delayed, but once in the air the cabin crew started to take orders for meals although they said they were low on stocks as the caterers had not supplied enough meals. Our two first choices were not available so we ended up with all day breakfasts, folded pizza and cup-a-soup. Not the meal we had expected to have. Some people even had the meals they did get taken away from them as it was realised that the ovens had not heated them properly, by which time there were no other choices left.

On the return trip the cabin crew again said they were short of meals, but this time blamed the previous passengers who had eaten more than expected. As the flight was departing just before midnight I don't think many people were interested in eating anyway.

As their brochure says that Kosmar Holidays do not charge extra for your standard airline meal we had expected that to mean that a meal was included but it turned out that we had to pay separately for them and the majority of the "meals" on offer were more like snacks.

We went on two of the Kosmar excursions which were very good (BBQ and Discover Kefalonia). We were very pleased with the accommodation and Kosmar rep Sam sorting out an initial shortage of linen promptly.

Queueing at Kefalonia airport was not too bad at all as it was only our flight and one internal to take off before the airport closed for the night. Well done the airport for getting our flight organized so that we took off 45 minutes early and were back earlier than expected.

Emma M

The only problem I have is the leaving day when you are taken to the airport so early. I dont think it is necessarily a Kosmar problem but there must surely be a better way of running things on transfer day.
We spent about an hour outside queuing, then about half an hour inside queuing to check in.
Then we spent about three quarters of an hour queuing for passport control.

It is taking the mick a bit!!!!

Vikki W           

I found this holiday well organised. BMI is probably the best short haul airline I have ever flown with and I even ate the food - unheard of previously!! Was a little annoyed that the flight both ways was delayed and Kefalonia's airport is hopelessly under equiped for the level of tourism - not Kosmar's fault though.

My only real complaint is that despite apparently numberous complaints about Elisabeth, they are still offering the Andreas II apratments. Kosmar - Expect a letter from me regarding this woman soon.

Helen P           

Booked a very late deal with Kosmar from 3-10th September. Absolutely brilliant holiday! No problems throughout the whole holiday and I had expected at least one problem. All flights on time, flew with Astraeus airlines, got a champagne cocktail on the way to kefalonia and the food was very nice. I had expected the rep to be trying to sell lots of trips to us but at the welcome meeting she just gave us loads of information about the island and was very helpful. She even found out about scuba diving for us which was great. Reps always available if you needed anything. Would highly recommend Kosmar!  

Steve D           

Travelled with Kosmar Holidays and they are still using BMI from East Midlands Airport. 1 hour delay going and 2 hour delay coming back!! Still had the return stop off at  Lefcos and I have the feeling that we have been ripped off by Kosmar by them asking for 20 (10 each) for pre booked seats!! No where on our tickets where we given seat numbers, but they where issued on a pro rata basis at the airport. Please don't be fooled by this con. Learnt many years ago not to go to the welcome meeting. It's just about trying to get you to buy their trips and car hire. Both available cheaper on the Island

Albert H           

We booked on the high street with first choice but it turned out to be a Kosmar holiday. We rarely have any need to speak to the rep on holiday and no change here - mainly because the trips looked unintersting and we had hired a car. On the one time we did want to talk to one due to the impact on filghts of added security checks, she didn't show up at the appointed time (apparently turned up about 2 hours late) but it didn't really matter as the office wasn't far away in town so we strolled up there and spoke to someone.

Ian D           

This is our 7th trip to Greece each time booking with Kosmar but after our latest trip to Kefalonia we will never use them again!! Nothing wrong with the Island just the reps that are there (I say the reps that were there as you never seen them just the shut doors of the office)

Bill S           

This was the 5th or 6th time i've travelled with Kosmar but the first to Kefalonia. Our apartments were brilliant, clean and with fresh flowers which were changed every time the apartment was cleaned, also spacious and boasting 3 balconies AND a BATH (never seen one in Greece). Xcel airways were brilliant and the cabin crew always smiling and helpful. The only beef I had and it was a big one was that for the 3rd year running Kosmar changed our flight times and what was a convenient 9 pm return into Bristol became a 1.30 am nightmare drive home. This does appear to be a general problem with Kosmar but it is the only beef I have with them,.

Alan B           

Have used Kosmar for the last three visits to kefalonia.

No real problems except for filght with British Midland last year - they were aweful. Flight was supposed to be delayed for 1 hr due to tech difficulties but because the pilot "forgot" to get the engineer to sign for the repair, we were delayed a further 3 hrs as the engineer had took an internal flight to Athens. BM didnt communicate well and only provided a sandwich after 3 hrs and only because the passengers kicked up a fuss. Many passengers complained to Kosmar who have now dropped BM.
This years flight was with Austreus and they are brilliant. Comfy seats with a bit more legroom, genuine smiling staff and good food.
Resort reps always on time at accommdation. Transfers direct to Skala with no drop offs inbetween.

Sarah C           

I must have been really lucky. Our flights were fine both ways, no delays to speak of. Our rep was great, saw her most days at the apartements and she was really helpful when we decided to book excursions last minute! The transfers were excellent, as was the accomodation and the excursions. I would definately use them again!

Tracey M           

I know other people have experienced loads of problems with Kosmar this year but I must say our holiday was superb with no problems at all. 

The outgoing flight was moved forward an hour as was the return flight, the food was good (as airline foods goes) and the accommodation with superb. 
I must admit we didn't need the rep for anything but I saw her most days at our accommodation.
I guess we must have been lucky. 

Yvonne & dale H           

 First time with Kosmar, had a fab holiday, loved the accomodation, resort etc.  Chose not to use services of rep or excursions etc as we had been before - noone hassled us at all, infact we never saw anyone from kosmar.  That said there was plenty of information available at accomodation on how to contact rep if necessary.

One slight moan now....
No- where on our flight information, invoice, itinery, tickets did it say that our BM flight from East Midlands was via Lefkas!!  (The flight times had been changed 2 weeks before departure) Not too bad on the way out for us as the flight took in Kefalonia first but on the way back we took off  then 20 minutes later landed in Lefkas to let off passengers ongoing to other destinations.  Whilst this was happening we had to claim all our hand luggage then all move to the front of the plane whilst it was reloaded with baggage for passengers to East Midlands and to refuel .  This took one & a half hours!!!  Eventually we took off to East Mids and the whole process meant a 5 hour+flight not good with children in tow.
It put us off Kosmar slightly as if we had had prior notification we could have been more prepared and had something to eat!  Mess up with flight meals too - we had cornflakes followed by beof bourgignon! These things happen and if we werent all starving it would have been funny.
Love Kefalonia and I suppose now the memory of the flight is fading....  I will ask about flights next time

Bill T           

With reference to the last comment Cr*p is another word which fits this bunch of cowboys better.

David W           

Great is the only word you can use to describe Kosmar.

Drew K           

First year excellence totally spoilt by following lack of service and rip-off trips. Reps failed to advise that trip to Olympus did not include either entrance or meals - until we arrived at venues. Ineffectual in resolving problems - even when presented with evidence. H/Q staff condescending and rude when inquiring about non-arrivl of tickets.

Claim accommodation full, when vacancies evident when staying elsewhere. Trying to squuze independant providers.
A Tour operator to avoid

Michael K           

  found this island to be very good relaxing frendlywith lots to see and dowiil be going  again in 2006 prob to laudas again  did not enjoy airport small price  to pay  

Steve J           

 We travelled with Kosmar for the first time,to Kephalonia,staying at The Nikos Apartments.
  The transfer was ok,no problems at all.Mini bus from Kosmar office up very steep hill to the apartments,which was stated in the brochure.Driver helpful with cases.
 Apartment no.6 was ready and clean on arrival,very basic kitchen,no kettle and it took about 20 minutes to brew up! But hey you're on holiday,so whats the rush?
 Fantastic view from the shared balcony down onto Lassi with a great sunset for free.The bed wasn't very comfy but we were sleeping ok by about the third night.
Plenty of restaurants to choose from,all serving ok food,some good and some not so.
We hired a car from CBR opposit Da veronicas restaurant,quite good value and well looked after vehicles,just watch how much fuel you put in,i left the car with over half a tank full and it was nearly empty when i picked it up and we had done over 250 kilometres.
We would go back to Lassi but maybe independantly next time,mainly for the fantastic beaches and warm sea to swim in.

Colin D           

Had a great time in Skala at Paspalis - everyone friendly. Hired a car for 3 days and saw most of the island. We will be back. No problems at all and the reps were fine [at Skala]. 

Les & debbie B           

We have just arrived back from Lassi today!!! what a performance!!!!

We started with a 14 hour delay, no fault of Kosmar, but then no rep from Kosmar to meet us at the airport, Transfered with another company rep. Given details of the welcome meeting that had been changed to accomodate us being late...Then she DIDNT arrive for the meeting!!!
As normal though, we did get the Trip List under the door!!!!! On the return flight, again another delay but this time the Kosmar reps was there but only because they were awaiting the late incoming flight. Two of the female reps were more interested in getting outside for a smoke then taking care of the customers. Kosmar have done themselves no favours having a rep which cannot be bothered with the job she has undertaken. After travelling with Kosmar for the last 7 years I am seriously looking for another tour company. I hope it does improve for future customers to Lassi.

Ruth S           

we have travelled with kosmar 3 times and we are going to be doing agen very shortly as there sevice flight value of money accommodation trasfer and overall service is fantastic. we would try other tour operators but we didnt as kosmar we the cheapest but the best. and we are more than happy to recomend it to any one as it is that good of service if you are going any were in greece kosmar is the one to travel with for sure!

Nigel C           

No problems with Kosmar, although the transfer from the Airport to the resort was a little slow, mainly due to another client having lost their luggage. In my experience Kosmar's standards are as good as any other tour operator's - and their prices are a lot less!! A definite thumbs up for Kosmar.

Karen B           

Just returned from Kefalonia and we will never use Kosmar again.  They omitted to tell us our outgoing flight was stopping at Kalamata, which meant a 5 and a quarter hour journey, during which we endured a 9 hour flight delay and a terrible Air Scandic plane which did not have a toilet that flushed or all reading lights working.
The holiday was wondeful thanks to Elena the owner of the apartments in Svoronata.  The Rep was a waste of time and only informed us on our last day Kosmar had changed our return flight from 22.10 to1.45 p.m in the afternoon!  When we asked for a complaiont form he told us to complain to the airline !! Our contract and bill was paid to Kosmar, we have now sent in a official complaint to Kosmar head office as we travelled to santorini with then last year from birmingham airport and were told on our last day then , we were returning to Manchester airport!!
Never again!!!!

Roamer W           

can all the people rattling on about oskars just get a life!!!!!!!
in case you hadnt noticed this is a KOSMAR COMMENTS PAGE NOT OSKARS!!
So oskars if you are that good go and get your own comments page and leave kosmar out of this,because apparently you are fantastic so why are you trying to prove yourselves?????

Graham M           

Flight from Birmingham in Kefalonia arrived early, Flight back from Kefalonia arrived early. Transfer to Skala was excellent, transfer back about half an hour late so had to queue at the airport. Accommodation at Dionysios was generally very good and the reps were also good. Great holiday, no real problems.

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