Tour Operators in Kefalonia

Sam W          10/10

No complaints from us about Thomson ,. Took our own fresh rolls and drink on superb  flights ( glad we did looking around) . Nice air conditioned coach transfer with toilet (took about one hour from airport to Scala ).  Saw the Thomson reps  a few times but didnt need to bother them ,as our hotel and holiday were just about perfection . Also found out from meeting people who went with other tour operators that Thomsons  rates were very competitive.

Nina K           

Holiday reps were very good as was the excursion booked. Good friendly accomdation with holiday rep around to solve any queries etc. Flights rubbish 2 hour delays both way, reps seemed to laugh it off as saying it was typical of Gatwick flights, annoying for passengers. Especially on the way there when we were made to sit on a plane for 2 hours, sweating with no air con or cold drinks, as they said the poilet hadn't turned up!!!?????

Steve B           

I have just returned back from a lovely week in Lourdas.
We stayed in the Blue Bay Villa, which is in the Thomson Villas With Pools Brochure.
Everything was excellent from start to finish, our rep Nicole was excellent infact it was like meeting an old friend as she recognised us from our two week stay last year!
We flew with First Choice Airways and I couldn't find fault with anything.
I am sure I will be back as I still liked Kefalonia as much as I did after my first visit!

Colin D           

All the service from Thompson on the ground was very good, We had paid for in flight meals but were told we had not which involved a search of bags mid flight for proof of purchase this was a pain but otherwise the service was fine.

Shirley W           

From the moment we landed in Kefalonia the tour rep, Helen was there on hand to help. Whenever we had a problem or question she was always there to adhere. I thought of her more as a friend than someone who was getting paid to look after us.


Did not need to use the rep thankfully, but felt if we did have a problem she would've resolved it.


we went with thomson they sorted everything out very well they had a lot to offter trips wise a really good tour operater i thought i would go with them again


So called No1 Travel Agent. It is time they started to treat their customers as customers and not just another few pounds towards their profits. Prices are circa 500 more than other companies that come here. Thats my rant over. If you have booked with Thomson you will still have a lovely time on this fantastic island.

Kate S           

Spent the last week of the tourist year in Skala, stayed with Dino at the Panorama in the village square. The accommodation was beautiful but regrettably all we really had was the room, there was no service because Dino was rarely available, although Catriona said that he would be happy to prepare breakfast early for us on days when we were going on trips this was not the case. He is a really nice guy but seems to have problems with separating his working life from his young children who spend most of their time in and around the top floor of the block. Sorry Dino but I was definitely not impressed, his 'cafe' was always closed and there was no way to get a drink or anything else other than that at breakfast time. Anyway, moan over - can I mention not only how helpful Catriona was but also Esme and Demitri who ran the trips during this last week of the season. Esme astounded us all, no-one seemed to have a bad word to say about her and her local, geographical, and mythological knowledge left even my 16 year old daughter entranced. If anyone sees her ask her about the Cats Protection League and her work for them on the island particularly over the winter season. If there is any one who works for Thomson who deserves an accolade then it has to be ESME. Demetri, our bus driver is owed a big one too by everyone who did the final 'Southern Comfort' trip on Wednesday 30th October. Saint Gerasimos' casket was opened for us all to view because of Demetri. Can't wait for the opportunity to visit the Island again and Thankyou Thomson for employing these people.

Stephen S           

Our Intention was to go to Kefalonia and DO NOTHING for two-whole-blissful-weeks. What a mistake if we had! We stayed in the Ionian Apartments (2 bedrooms all to ourselves !!) Maid Service (Thanks, Sophie !!) EVERY DAY (except Sunday's) which kept our beautiful apartment beautiful every day! Our 'Rep' - Catriona - was a 'JOY' who 'talked-us-into' (with her VAST knowledge of the Island and Greece in general) 'DOING-STUFF' - She WASN'T pushy at all in getting us to go out on the excursions that we did do, in fact, her suggestions turned out to be EVERY BIT as good a picture as she'd painted! The trip to Athens was particularly 'SPECTACULAR' and worth EVERY PENNY!! Though, We do think that a 'word-of-warning' should go out to those who 'may' not be as mobile as others. It was a very hectic two-days with quite a bit of walking (and climbing!) - But, NOT TO BE MISSED, if you can handle it!! - Our Guide 'Johanna' , on the Athens trip was also extremely knowledgable and 'tireless' - a 'JOY' too!! The hotel in Athens.... 'AMAZING'!! All in all, I think we only spent 4 days out of our two-weeks, in our resort (Skala). So Much for doing 'nothing' !! - We had a GREAT TIME (12th - 26th Sept 2002) and Catriona's expertise and charm made it a 'Wonderful Holiday' - Never before have we had such a 'caring' Rep. She even foung time to 'drop-in' on the odd occasion for a 'chat' - GREAT STUFF!! Hats Off to you Thomson and ESPECIALLY Catriona. Hope to see you again? Steve & Karen Sutton. xx

Derek G           

Our resort rep catrina was excellent probably the most helpful and friendliest rep we have had the pleasure to meet. the resort hotel in skala, San Georgio hotel/apt was superb, and would be hard to beat anywere.

Don D           

Stayed at Poseidon Hotel, Lixouri - See comments there. We were satisfied with the service we received. We didn't do trips, preferring to do our own thing. The rep, Jan, was a pleasant friendly person who gave the impression that she would be helpful if needed.

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