Bars in Lassi

Brett G          10/10

Went to Kefalonia in September 2011 with my girlfriend Kathryn.  Eden, as the name suggests is a garden themed bar and definitely lives up to the name.  It is the last bar on the right when walking through Lassi toward Argostoli.

Wherever you sit in Eden you will be surrounded by all manner of beautiful flowers, palms and shrubs and the atmosphere here is first rate!  During the September evenings (and it was HOT this year - the hottest day knocking on 40 degrees in the shade was Friday 16th) the bar smells of a local flower that only opens when the sun has gone down.  We never did get a picture of the flower type but it fills the place with a subtle perfumed aroma a bit like my girlfriends bottle of FlowerBomb which is very nice and neither overly sweet nor overly pungent.

Whether you go in the daytime or during the evening you will find George the waiter.  George is a natural comic and a local guy who has worked for Eden for a number of years and he is an absolute legend.  He works very hard and for long hours, often 15 hour days yet he still keeps his chin up and never drops his pace.  If you watch the way people like George work so tirelessly here you will leave this island feeling pretty humbled by it.

The drinks prices are actually quite realistic.  Anything with 3 or more measures of spirits in the UK would cost 5 plus.  Here it is around 10 percent cheaper but the service comes with good humour, courtesy and very tasty cocktails.  A pint of Amstel or Mythos (Greek beer that goes down well) will set you back around 3 euro which compared to London or Paris (you'd pay around 5 or 6 euro in Paris for a pint of Amstel) and nearly every bar in Lassi goes to the trouble of serving it in glasses straight out of the freezer!

Saying goodbye to George and the Eden bar was hard.  If this were our local pub we would no doubt end up penniless but happy!

George - if you are reading this - YAMAS and Efkaristo! - Brett and Kathryn :D

Once I have processed the photos I will place a link on this blog for all to see.

Suse B          1/10

Can't give a full comment as we didn't go in - very put off by the awful and loud banging pop music and the huge tv screen, with very few customers, ugh.

Heidi C          10/10

we got married in kefalonia in june 2003! we had our evening reception at the eden bar. they made us a cake and put flowers on the tables, it was fantastic. we stayed there drinking cocktails until the early hours. we have been back 4 times since and are due to go again in july 08. we always go back to the eden bar as the owner has become a friend of ours. the cocktails are lovely and go down a treat while watching the sun set! our daughter loves the eden bar and they treat her like a princess, we are taking our new baby daughter this year as i was pregnant last year and promised i would introduce her to everyone!!!! the eden bar will always have a special place in our hearts for so many different reasons, id recommend it to anyone!

Karen F          9/10

Well I have to say, sitting in eden, drinking cocktails of all sorts - some with no alcohol due to the fact that Nicos thought we'd had enough - was just the best way to spend an evening.  The music was a mix of greek and some Frank Sinatra etc thrown in for good measure.  Much better than some of the other bars along the street.

Staff were very friendly - taking little creatures from the bathrooms!  Very relaxed atmosphere, great cocktails and even better company!! The owner couldn't have been nicer to us - even had a dance or 2 with us!!
Would recommend it to anyone planning a visit!  Looking forward to getting back there!

Fiona W          10/10

we have just returned from a two week holiday in Lassi and came across the eden on our first night. Beautifil gardens, water features and a really friendly waitress. The atmosphere was great and we went back every night. Thanks to the staff for making this a really special place WE WILL BE BACK!!
Fiona and Roger, Devon

Connor F           


Mike G           

Eden was by far the best bar me and my grilfriend found during our recent stay in Lassi. A very chilled out garden atmosphere with subtle lighting, playing some old school tap your feet along tunes, made this the perfect way to relax after an evening meal.

George the waiter was very friendly and always greeted us by name and with a handshake when we walked in. His service was always excellent and prompt, even though he was the only one serving, and he even found time to chat and have a laugh. Although I always drank Lager, my girlfriend said the cocktails were nice and her favourite was definitely the "Tobleron."  The shots we were given were always refreshing and when asked what was in it George would reply "it's a mixture of things!!!"
This was one of the hardest places to say goodbye to when it came to leaving  and we hope to see George again next year. If you are reading this George hope the winter break helps you to recharge your batteries - YAMMAS!!!

Colin J           

Very relaxing and chilled out with really good music. Cocktails were good and the bar itself was very scenic with water features and plants etc. Really enjoyed the laid back atmosphere

Jackie T           

  Cannot beleve the nagative comments!!  Best bar we visited, Ok the cocktails may be expensive but you get what you pay for. Try the bartenders special, you will not be diaspointed.

Scenery, especially near the water was gorgeous.  The scent of the jasmine and other flowers were incredible.
Best waiter, GEORGE.  He was humerous, very friendly and worked his butt off.

Kate W           

Hello. My friend Sally worked here in the summer of 2002 while I worked in Olive Garden pool bar up the steep hill. I had the better job due to my working hours being 3pm-1am... Sally's were 5pm-5am..7 nights a week1 I had two days off!!!

But this bar is in beautiful settings and is a lovely place to sit and reflect while getting quietly drunk!
Well used by all English workers to get away from the usual hustle of working abroad. Overall impression good... but I knew the owner and that changes a person opinion... not great.

Cat N           

Nice bar. Plenty of cocktails and lovely water fountains- nice atmosphere at night. Bit of a wait for table service but overall we liked eden a lot.

Samantha H           

This bar had a nice setting and the staff are very friendly. WE liked it although the music was a little dodgy at times!(dance music-not to my taste)

Nigel C           

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Without doubt the BEST bar in Lassi and well worth the walk. Beautiful setting, good music, friendly staff. OK, the drinks were a little bit expensive, but well worth it.

Alan R           

Best bar in Lassi - Layout and lighting make it look beautiful at night. Mostly English music, pop and party dance music type normally.
Cocktails are good and lots to choose from. Bit quiet in September but still a good atmosphere.

Less popular than So Simple probably because it is slightly further from Lassi centre - But well worth the extra couple of minutes walk!!

A must visit bar


Went here a couple of times and sat at the bar each time - barman was very nice and friendly, watched him mix up all the cocktails (I can tell you they all had PLENTY of alcohol in them!!) and also gave us a few free shots. He was very friendly, place and garden look good, music was good, just a shame no one was dancing!

Olwyn M           

AGREED WITH ALL THE COMMENTS BELOW.The music was ok and the setting was lovely.Panos was very friendly and we got a few free shots while we were there.We would go to meet friends there,but we didn't stay all night as it was quite expensive.Their beer glasses are only 0.4 of a litre,they should be 0.5(=1 pint)

Sara P           

Nice bar but drinks slightly more expensive and the measures were slightly smaller. Only went once as there were equally nice/nicer bars, charging less money.

Scott C           

Just got back from Kefalonia on Sunday. On the first night we went into Eden and loved it. We then tried a few other bars over the next few nights, but not one of them came close. A huge thank you to PANOS and all his DONKEY'S for making us so welcome in there lovely bar. Drinks were excellent at prices cheaper than anywhere else and overall the atmosphere was great. Hope you read this Panos and myself & Amanda send our fondest regards to you, claire and the baby!!

Richard C           

We used to have our first drink of the evening here when the sun was setting. Loveley location, fountains and good music. The drinks were okay, like anywhere else they were in our opinion overpriced.

Carolyn M           

Never felt so ripped off all holiday, we ordered four cocktails, definitely very little or no alcohol in them at all 23 euros for four glasses of water just about! We weren't suckered in by the charming garden!!

Emma W           

This was a friendly bar and the drinks were reasonably priced. We only paid about 5 euros for a cocktail which worked out quite cheap when we were there. The bar staff were friendly and a special mention to Sally the waitress who after just one visit new our order.

Chloe T           

Went here most nights, good background music and good service- although agree stick to beer as cocktails are expensive and not great!

Tanya C           

Spent most nights here, as our toddler loved to run around to the music and dance with other kids, much to the displeasure of the waiter. Excellent setting, but don't do the cocktails. 6 Euros on a cocktail with virtually no alcohol in them, the most I've ever been ripped off. Stick to beer in this place you know where you stand!!

Louisa M           

Went here most nights, excellant atmosphere, good music, air conditioned inside, outside water features & lots of greenary, waitress always rembered our order when we went in, quite expensive, but believe because of the Euro.

Gemma T           

The setting of the bar is really amazing. There are loads of palm trees and water features! The only problem was that the prices were a bit expensive for us. However, we really enjoyed the drinks and views while we were there.