Exclusive Bar

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Julie C          9/10

a really nice place must conment on man doing rat pack and sinatra night
really good somethink different . keep up the good work exclusive

Adrian T          8/10

Nice bar for relaxing.

Most comfortable chairs in Lassi

Rebecca W          10/10

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 (Picture of us with Petros in Exclusive July 2007)
Can't wait to go back to Kefalonia on the 17th July, I will definately visiting Petros the owner of Exclusive, well he was last year and I do hope he is still there!

Kay H          10/10

Great bar I have to agree - but why do the people in the photo below look so familar? I'm sure I've seen them someplace before!!!!!

Barry G          10/10

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just got back fron kefalonia last week. exclusive bar is the best in lassi. run by two english girls leanne and zoe with her greek boyfriend andrea. you goto try this bar it has everything internet,ping ponk and an xbox 360. and not to mention a DART BOARD . really friendly guys as weve known then for years please visit this bar its cool cheap beer too 2 euros a pint  if you do go in there mention BAZ  and ALI  thats us as i said the best bar in lasssi with the latest movies showing too. go on support the british bar

Ian C           

This bar is very good, i enjoyed it, the got good staff, good beer, Very Comfortable Seats and the place is very clean, we had a race on the childrens rides, was quite funny when your pissed

Olwyn M           

We drank here every night.The staff are great and they didn't mind when one night we stayed till 4am even though they close at 2am?They give you a bowl of crisps with every round of drinks,which are reasonably priced.The music never gets all the way through a full song/tune.Their seats are very comfortable and their toilets are the best in Lassi.Look for the large cocktail glass outside the entrance.

Christine D

Just returned from Lassi and went to the Exclusive bar most evenings we were really pleased with the service that we had there the staff went out of there way to ensure that we had a great time. I would like to send a thank you message to one of the staff, either by email or thank you card. Can anyone help either with the email address or postal address

Sara P           

Really nice surroundings and the service was good. We went in here most nights and the only thing we could fault was that they could never leave a song on until the end and kept changing the music half way through, which was a bit irritating! Perhaps one of their staff hasn't got enough to do! Nice place though.

Karen C           

Cocktails are absolutely lethal in here - 2 blue hawaiians and I was smashed. They keep playing 80's music though - it's more a place where you go for a quiet night, just the 2 of you. The setting is nice, like a lovely big garden.