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Anyone who knows who to get in touch with anyone at the bar?


Samantha F

I can't wait to visit Kefalonia, So Simple!!! I hear the weather is perfect, it's a lot of fun and I will be the only Hispanic in town...

Roger H          7/10

Came here several times. Thought it was a good place to have an early drink- also later on although we are not very late drinkers!

Hope -          10/10

so simple will be closed now as its the winter , and my dad lives over in greece and he says that all lassi and argostoli is absoloutly dead like a ghost town so i dont think that i would be able to recognise it if it wa empty lol x

Lynda T          9/10

Had some great nights here the owners are realy friendly and the bar is very plush, very nice place to relax and enjoy the night!

Lynsey T          9/10

Got back from Kefalonia last week and had a great time.  Ended up in So Simple every night (not many other lively bars in Lassi). The staff are friendly and its a great atmosphere in there, nice to chill outside a bit earlier on in the night too.  The Greek men in there can get a bit much but they are harmless!

Lena M          8/10

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This is a picture of So Simple - Lassi - Kefalonia.
IT WAS AMAZINGG ! The atmosphere was great, if you didnt feel like dancing or listening to loud music, you simply sat under the trees sipping DELICIOUS cocktails..... pluss the beer is NOT KEPT COLDLY ! So Simple is lnked to the Butelrs House next door as they are owned by the same manager. The staff there all speak perfect English and are great and really friendly. The music they play is great and up-beat. There are never any drunk loonatics about the place ruining the atmosphere, but only people of all ages ranging from 13 and upwards having a blast. I highly recomed this bar to ANYONE looking to have a good time and meet a couple of new people! ! ! ! !

Peter G

looks nice just like sitting in a not kept very well

Rebecca W          1/10

It took me about 5 mins to read the message under this!

The point of me posting these messages is so that other people can read all kinds of reviews not just The biased ones!
Just got back from Kef, I thought I'd give the So Simple bar another go and it was bad! Back in 2001 it rocked but now it's got awful music, mardy staff and is boring as hell. The only good thing about it is that it looks nice but the seats feel damp and lots of bugs and stuff fall out the trees onto you.

Adrian T          8/10

excellent bar, you just feel like you are sitting in a jungle.

one of the few bars that has a dance floor at the back 

Hope -          10/10

Im not sayin nowt like but y u sayin stuff like tht i go there every yeya nd there not like tht atall so whats the point in been like tht???

nd plus if ya dnt like it in there then y were you lukkin it up on the net ?????


Its pointlesssss

David B

me and my girlfriend are going to kef for the 1st time this sunday and staying at lassi. Is so simple in lassi aswell? what are the prices like?

Robyn N          10/10

Heya Omg Im Comin To Keflonia On Saturday..=]=]

Cant Wait...
Gunna Be At So Simple Straight Away!

Hope -          10/10

yayeeeee only 32 days left till i go to greece (kefalonia) again yayeeeee and i will definately be going to so simple xx love so simple

Hope E

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oh my god i lovē so simplē!! i go thērē with my sistērs and thēy lovē it too am coming again in 38 or 36 days i cant wait xxxxxx

Hope -          10/10

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i lovv so simple its just amaziin i go there evry yr t c ma dad nd his gf its awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!

<<(its the outside of so simple) xxxxx

Libby A          10/10

Your very lucky Rachel meeting him for a drink after work!!!! Very Jelous, lol!!!!  Were u  the very pretty, slim girl with long blonde hair that was talking to me and my friends about modelling by any chance?  Thought it might be u cos the doorman and every other guy was eyeing her up everynight much to the annoyance of my friends , me and my friends being slightly over weight and wouldn't stand a chance.
   So Simple is the best bar in Lassi and we are all looking very forward to coming back to So Simple in July for a good old dance and a few cocktails!!!!  Hope the doorman is still there for a bit of eye candy.

Rachel N

have 2 totally agree with libby on the fit doorman.....ended up meeting him for a drink after work...but anyway i was there in july/august 07 and yeah totally agree hot point of lassi by far!! gorgeous blokes. the dj is really good competed in europes best and the barman was drinks all the way!!! but i should keep that hush... definatley deserves a heres the best plan i found...go for dinner in peadra(the best restaraunt with my gawjus waiters!!!!) walk to oddyyses for a few drinks and after a while take a walk to so simple. if you still want more after that catch a cab to argostoli or in my case meet ppl who own cars n head for bass club there is another 1 round the corner but its mainly the locals but worth the mingle!!! so simple is supurb!

Libby A          10/10

Me and my friends went to Lassi in July 2007, what a great place and great people.
So simple in Lassi was a really good place to go and either chill out in the seated area or go inside for a top night of dancing.  Cocktails were very good and well priced.  Another good reason to go to so simple was the door man girls, now he was immensely fit!  Any of u girls out there agree?  I think he was the main reason me and all my friends went in there every night any way.  But aside from that it was a great place to go for a dance and unlike in the uk there were no drunken fights going on, just every one getting along.
Apart from so simple and a few more laid back bars in Lassi, head to Argostoli for a great night.

Claire C

On a family holiday so wouldn't have dreamed of going into so simple with me old dears!! instead we were introduced by Makis.........the most amazing person ever......he chose well. John (Yannis) is a star and you n makis make amazin mates!!! Ya could giggle at us then but wot you supposed to do when we get taught the wrong word and end up shouting RAWPLUG instead of COME ON!!!!!! Never forget  this place....was fantastic. God Bless everyone at So Simple......Superstars!!!!

P.S Did you find you umber-ELLA ELLA ELLA!!!!!!!
Luv Ya All

Gerome P          10/10

so simple bar was very good i enjoyed it very very much!!! probly the best bar in kefalonia.. good atmosphere!!!

but there are also very good bars just up the road in argostoli! so dont miss out!!!
soo simple is well worth a visit!
along with many of  the other bars in lassi.. veronicas is another must go and odeysee wich is great value and has a really good atmosphere!

James T          9/10

Great time to be had in this bar, great music and very chilled

Lauren H          10/10

Hey everyone, missing u all so much!!

Me and steph will be in kefalonia for 6 weeks maybe longer this year so theres no escape from me i no one person u will be escaping from though and i no for a Fact wont be made welcome if goes back as spoken to a few of u!!!! hee hee
We ave sorted out alot so all just a matter of time now. Cant wait to come to so simple most nights again.
O yeah and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to u all.
See u all very soon
Lauren  and steph x

Kay C          10/10

Hey So Simple!!!!!

Hope you are all doing good and the weather is nice!!!
Big Hugs 2 every1!!!!!
Oh yes Terry good meetin u and ur family last year and goin 2 so simple (it was wkd in there!)
Were take u 2 Bass Club!!!
Hope John and Yani are doin good!!!
I will see you next year but not with Lauren - as we are no longer friends! (My choice)! Better off without her.
C u in the summer!!!!!

Pirro K           

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    hello ppl  !!!!!  so  nice  to  write  here  about  us 

  i  just  want  to  say to  elle&  becki  helloooooooooooooooooo    
wher  are  u  all  this  time    miss  u  a  lot  elli    this  its  my  email    tx  me  plz  when  u  see  it  ok 
   tell  u  abou  3000$  hahahahahhahhahahahahhhhhhhahhahaahhahaah
    what  ever  so  simple  its  all  ways  the  best  one  any  year  u  come   xxxx