Penolopes - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Stephen Y  (01 October 2003)         

Diana's was the closest taverna to our apartment and we never found any need to go anywhere else. Great views, excellent Greek food (piping hot, apart from one or two of the dishes that are apparently kept warm in a bain marie) and lovely staff. Diana is very friendly and welcoming and all her staff make you feel very much at home. Try the pork stuffed with garlic or the cheese and spinach pie. Also there is a very pleasant house rose wine by the carafe which is not shown on the menu!

Libra - (Tour Operators in Kefalonia)

Stephen Y           

On our first visit to the Greek islands, we were impressed with the service provided by Libra. Reps were there to meet the flight and coaches were provided to the accommodation (these can provide a white-knuckle ride through the narrow village streets, depending on the driver!). Reps' presence was unobtrusive but helpful during our stay. We were also impressed with the way that the reps organised the checking in of about 280 people for the flight home at Kefalonia's airport, which is only small. They organised an efficient queueing system and despite there being only one luggage scanner and two check-in desks, it did not take too long to process everyone. I would be happy to use Libra again.

Thrifty Car Rental - (Car Rental in Kefalonia)

Stephen Y           

Hire was arranged through our Libra rep after we arrived in Kefalonia.

Thrifty gave very efficient service. We were told the car would be delivered to our door (in Trapezaki) between 9:30 and 10:30 and it arrived at 10:00. The car was a very clean and well-kept Hyundai Atos which, although it was small enough to deal with some of the island's more interesting roads, I found I could drive comfortably (and I am 6ft 7 tall!).
In the later part of the season, they had an offer of an extra day free, for over three days' hire, but I am not sure how their prices compare with other hirers.
No problem with returning the car - it was picked up from our studios, and no fuss was made about the slight redesign that I had made to the car's paintwork, coutesy of some very scratchy bushes on a very narrow road!