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Lynda K          10/10

We first went to Spiros in 1994 and were instantly impressed by the authentic Greek cuisine on offer. We missed a few years but have returned to Lourdas anually in July or August for the last 12 years. We have tried many other restaurants and Tavernas over the years but have come to one conclusion- Spiros is the BEST 

The wide choice of food available and the hospitality of Spiros, his family and Anna make this our only choice for evening meals now even though we stay way down the hill at the Lara Hotel!! We know that the food and welcome waiting at the top of the hill are well worth the walk. We are always spoilt for choice and enjoy the traditional dishes of moussaka, lamb kleftico, lamb country style and the vast array of meze. There are so many choices on the menu including vegetarian and children's dishes that there is something to suit all tastes.
We are already planning our first night choices although we aren't going until August 2012!
If you are planning a trip to Kefalonia Spiros in Lourdas should be on your to do list!

Karen M          10/10

   A big thank you to Spiros and his family (and Anna) for their warm welcome on our recent holiday to Lourdas. As usual their hospitality was second to none.

There is a wide selection on the menu which allows the visitor to have a different choice every night even on a two week stay, my personal favourites are the lamb with mint sauce and the Prawn Saganki while my husband likes the plain pork fillet best. There is a wide selection of sweets also, my favourite being the Chocolate Galliano Pancakes. The children’s menu has choices to suit all tastes and child sized portions of the main menu items are available on request.

You are assured of a warm welcome at Spiros with children especially welcome. Our grandchildren, Adam and Oliver are already looking forward to next year’s hoiliday.

Kim B          10/10

Went to Spiros soon after he opened at Lourdas, too many years ago!! So glad to see you and your lovely family are still there, will be staying at Lourdas soon and bringing my sister who has never been to Greece, what a brilliant introduction.

John B          10/10

click to enlarge We have been going to Kefalonia for many years and discovered Spiros in 2007.
The welcome we got the first time made for a lovely evening and we return every year when visiting Kefalonia.
The atmosphere is always busy but the staff find time to chat and teach a little bit of Greek.
The food is tasty and Spiros offers a good range of Greek dishes.
The only slight fault I have ever found was that the filo was slightly soggy with the Kefalonian meat pie. I suspect it was because it had been made a little earlier in the day.
That was not a complaint as the taste was superb.
Try Spiros, great food and service, friendly people and a must visit if staying in Vlachata and Lourdas.
Look forward to seeing you all in June 2011.

Keith T          3/10

Despite being busy everytime we passed, we found the prices to be cheap, however the quality was too, with our meals consisting of greasy, over dressed salads, possibly the worst carbonara we've ever tasted and over-cooked calamari. The waitress seemed to favour and lavish attention on those who were either regulars or her friends, whilst we were left waiting almost an hour for our relatively simple dishes. Overall, a cheap option, but one that lacks ambience, good service with changeable food quality.

Karen W          10/10

In June 2010 we were just one week in Agia Efimia on Kefalonia. We have been to many Greek islands, and had great veggie dishes, but the briam at Spiros is really the best. At our request (1 day in advance) we also tried the vegetarian moussaka, which had the finest taste we could ever imagine. Furthermore we were crazy about the home made cheese cake as well. You should try it! Groetjes van Karen en Astrid

Geoffrey M          10/10

Spiros is a warm welcoming family run restaurant, with a range of traditional Greek and English food. there are also a selection of childrens meals on the menu. His enthusiasm to try and teach you some Greek sayings and greetings adds to the welcoming and relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant. Nothing is too much trouble and the meals are excellent, my recommendations would be the Prawn Saganaki and the Chocolate and Galliano pancakes. We have been visiting Spiros for over 10 years now, sometimes twice in the year and wouldn't eat anywhere else. Thanks to Anna, George, Spiros, Dimetria Anthea and Koola for looking after us and making our holidays special. Karen and Peter

Gemma G

Hi, does anyone have an address/telephone number for Spiros Taverna?

Marion B          10/10

Have been going to Kefalonia now for about 6 years and originally would visit Spiros every 2nd or 3rd evening of our holiday but after our 2nd visit to Lourdas we found we just didn't want to eat anywhere else and  have now been adopted by Spiro and his family and just like many other visitors we now feel we are visiting  friends.There is always a warm welcome extended to new and old friends alike and most evenings you come away having met new like minded people and some old friends from previous visits. I can't praise the atmosphere at Spiros highly enough and will continue to visit twice a year when ever we can. 

Amanda B          10/10

I cannot praise Spiros, his Family & Staff highly enough.  We came across this restaurant by accident 10 years ago & ended up in there every night.  It was the most relaxed enjoyable holiday we have ever had & we haven't been anywhere else on holiday since, even started going twice a year for our 'fix'.  We have introduced our family & friends to Lourdas & Spiros over the years who are now as hooked as we are. We have been taking our young Son there twice a year since he was six months old & the experiences he has had couldn't be measured.  They have watched him grow up & it now feels like we are going to visit family each time we return. Spiros and his family & staff take an immense pride in their business & are passionate about ensuring people have an exceptional experience there.  I know on the odd ocassion there has been a stand in chef for reasons out of his control, but that's life - he gets more frustrated than anyone if the standard isn't perfect.  I would recommend anyone to go there, join in the atmosphere, relax & have a laugh for the evening.  You will keep going back for more just like we continue to do.  Amanda, Mike & Jack!

Abbigail H          10/10

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This is one of the best restaurants I've visited during my travels of the Greek Islands over the past 8 years and I cant praise it enough!!  I am very puzzled by the previous comments on this restaurant and this is why....

We ate there on 4 evenings it was so good and everyone we spoke to agreed! It is centrally located in Lourdes on the main road opposite the jewellery shop and has scenic views of the ocean.  It is tranquilly set outside for al fresco dining but under cover with an olive tree between the tables and under umbrellas in places. The staff are so friendly and you couldnt ask for better service, the lady and more mature gentleman serving (I think may be Spiros) were accomodating and described the dishes excellently.  They were friendly and attentive without being intrusive.  If you venture into the restaurant kitchen where the till is to pay your bill (which you are welcome to do if paying by card or are in a rush) you will see the family preparing the food for everyone to see and chatting away to each other - delightful.
For Greek authentic food & lovely fresh fish its a must - please do try the fillet of sole stuffed with seafood (baby squid, mussles & prawns) this dish was stunning!!! I had Stamaki which I've not seen before on my Greek travels - big a casserole of tender chunks of lamb with a tasty greek herby tomato based sauce with vegetables and potato and topped with melted cheese - yummy!
On another evening we tried the swordfish - a beautiful tender big piece fresh from the sea.  I also experienced the meatballs - 3 large filling meatballs spiced with Greek herbs and a rich tomato sauce.  Our neighbours tried that too and they loved them also, highly recommended. 
They also do excellent pasta dishes, I fancied the bolognaise was evening and it was really lovely if you would like something a bit more simple and other grilled & UK foods for the less adventurous. Try to be brave though and indulge the Greek part of the menu, absolutely gorgeous.  Very generous but not over the top portions. The appetizers were also fabulous - try the mezze which is really unusual even though it had chips, look past that to the lovely variety of different things - a little bit of everything, lovely little cheese pies. If ordering seperate starter the calimari is to die for, a big plate of generous lightly battered tender squid.
The Greeks, as do many countries in the med, do favour olive oil.  You will see this in their dishes.  Try not to be frightened of it - scientists have proved this is part of the reason the Greeks are far healthier than us westerners.  Mix the olive oil on your plate with the light vinegar provided and dip your bread in it - much heathier than the butter we favour in the UK and its very tasty.  Whilst in Greece... do as the Greeks do... maybe you'll learn how they live longer than we do!  People mistake the food as greasy but its not to be honest, its simply the virgin olive oil they use in cooking which gives their potatos and food a sunny glow.  Its traditional and its healthier than our butter and our packaged food full of additives and bad fats, embrace the culture and remember you are not in the UK.
On top of this the restaurant was very busy every night and one of the most reasonable in Lourdes - only 4.20 Euros for a litre of white wine served in their traditional jug - lovely gentle wine to accompany any meal.
Look out for the black and white cat who is subtle and patiently mills about the tables for any generousity she can tempt from you - almost as cute as the little black kitten her accompanies her and who is adorable and loves to be cuddled if you let her know you like cats and show her some attention.  Bless.
I must visit, I cant speak highly enough - thank you Spiros and family for such excellent food and evenings.

Liz F          10/10

Spiros and his team are extremely helpful. Food always top class. Always very busy so be prepared to wait but worth the wait! Have returned to Lourdas 3 times now and have never been disappointed

Karl           2/10

A nice family run restaurant and the service is excellent. I can see why some people return year after year to this restaurant because Spiros and his team really do make you feel welcome. I'm afraid that's where the positive comments stop though. The first time we went because the place was packed out which is usually a good sign. However the food was greasy and cold.
The second time we went because we thought it might have been an off night. We were wrong. Not a great place if you want to eat traditional Greek food. Fine if you like your chicken and chips...

Helen H          2/10


Dave E          4/10

i had read some really good reviews about this place but was sadly very disapointed,i have been going to greece for the last 10 years and i think this was the worst meal i have ever had in all that time!i had mussels to start which to be fair were not to bad which i followed with the kleftico which my partner also had, i could not finish it because it was that bad also the potatoes which it was served with were under cooked.having said that the service was helpfull and friendly.i didnt risk giving it another go!

Kenneth J          9/10

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Had a very nice lunch here - his omlettes are very nice. Setting is beautiful.The picture is a view from the front of the premesis towards the bay. Ate one evening also, the Kefalonian meat pie was very good and prices very reasonable. Once again service is typical greek - at your pace and not rushed. Highly recommended.

Sean F           

Spiros was the first restaurant we tried during our holiday and we ate there another three times.  Always very busy and the staff extremely friendly.  Food was lovely and the prices very reasonable.

Sam M           

Spiros was a great host, makes you feel very welcome and we visited here three times. The bread that arrives on the table with your drinks was the nicest we had, lightly chargrilled with a hint of garlic - yum! His cheese pies are the best (light and crispy filo pastry - delicious), oh and if you order calamari get it to share as the plate was piled high. Generally we cannot fault the food but I would avoid the vegetables as they were slightly over done, just ask for salad as a substitute! Very reasonable prices at approx €30 for 2 courses, wine and water.

Mark E           

Great place to eat and always busy which gave a nice atmosphere and shows its good.  Staff were great and feels like a traditional greek taverna.  Ate here 5 times in a week as it was so good.  Spiros the owner is very "hands on" and makes sure everything is fine and you are made to feel welcome.  Reasonable prices.  Highly recommended.

Nick B           

Food was a bit hit and miss. Kalamari was obviously not freash and was like something you bought out of a supermarked freezer section. But main meals were good, just like home cooked. Did have to wait nearly an hour one night for our starters, but it was very busy. Some staff are plesant and Spiros was great, but do get the odd one with a face like a smacked....you know what I mean.

Price reflects the food and most people I spoke to really enjoyed it, but was not my favourite.

Darenne P           


Gave my tough tasteless Souvlaki to the dog that was hanging around outside. Even he turned his nose up and left it for the cat

Steve S           

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Visited Sprios last week during our stay at Aristomenis Apts.  What a wonderful host and great food.  Great family cooking between the four of us we tried most of the Greek menus items.  Particularly liked the lamb kleftiko and the meatballs. 

Bill S           

We visited from 9th to the 22nd July. Spiros's was one of the best tavernas we found and we returned 4 or 5 times. Kleftico and Moussaka were excellent and served with proper Greek style potatoes and veg and not chips like some of the other places. All the staff were very friendly and always smiling. A must for anyone staying in the area.

Terry R           

My husband and I visited Lourdas between the 3rd and 17th July. We tried Spiros on the first night and liked it, the service was a bit slow but that was because we had just arrived and were used to the fast pace of English Life. People who moan about the service need to remember that they are in Greece whats the rush you are on holiday Chill out!!!. We tried a few other resturants, but appart from Denis's, which we needed to get a taxi to, Spiros was definately the best and we ate there most nights. Spiros was a lovely man and his family were very helpful and friendly too. At the end of the holiday we thought that the food was coming too fast as we had chilled out and was on Greek time. Thanks ever so much for the great food and the complimentary bottle of Ouzo.

Annie D           

Had dinner here about 3 times this time around.

We had fresh veg (not microwaved) and consisted of carrots and courgettes which were so nice.
Excellent meals but service a bit slow as every table was occupied - I had never seen it so full in all the years I have been visiting.
I think it would be better if the other people who worked there were able to take food orders more often as Spiros is usually the only one who will take the orders.  
All in all food was good and enjoyable.