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Holly B          10/10

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August 2013 - What a lovely genuine fish taverna!  We visited 3 times on our holiday this month and could never really decide what we wanted for a main course, so just named a few things from the menu that we liked and they provided a mixed platter for two - octopus, prawns, whitebait, sardines, swordfish, whatever!   Everything we ate was delcious and the situation was lovely looking down on the little harbour and their own fishing boat below.  The place was busy every time we visited but the waitress was always really helpful and charming, despite rushing around a lot.  Just as an idea on price, we sometimes ordered a starter or we ordered salad and chips to go with the fish platter, plus we always had a big bottle of water and a litre of wine and this came to somewhere between 35 and 43Euros.  Unfortunately food is not cheap in Greece these days, but the meals at Lithero had to be the best we had in Lourdas - go there if you are a fish-lover!   

Stuart W          9/10

The Lithero is also one of my favourite restaurants in Lourdas for different reasons. This is the place we go if we dont feel like dressing up for the night, a more typical rustic greek taverna. Again you cant fault the setting and the food is excellent especially the Kefalonian meat pie. A family run place that seem almost shy in their hospitality but obviously care passionately about their food.  

John B          10/10

Lithero Fish taverna is one of our favourite places to eat.
The family that own it catch many of the fish themselves and their boat is moored right next to the taverna. The fresh fish menu may be small as it depends on what they have caught but what beautiful fresh fish. Good Greek menu, with plenty of well cooked traditional dishes.
Wonderful view directly over the sea. The meals are shared in the summer with the resident swallows that nest just above diners heads.
Always an enjoyable meal and a good place to watch the night descend.

Jasmine E          9/10

 Beautiful fresh fish, fantastic salads, excellent service and lovely view.  Visited every day over the weeks holiday and enjoyed every meal.  Well worth the walk and look forward visiting the restaurant every year.

Nick H          8/10

We have just visited this restaurant. Whilst the range of fish was limited, the simplicity of the cooking and the freshness of the fish made for very good experience. We tried many restaurants in the area including Klimitas and Lithero's fish was superior. I had White Snapper and it was excellent. We would return for definite.

Lesley S           

Having read some of the comments here, I can't believe we're talking about the same place!  Having heard about a "fish taverna" we visited one night - all I can say is that service was surly (to say the least) - the only fish available was white snapper, whitebait and sardines  - and yes, this was during a fine-weather spell - but we wouldn't have minded if the waiter had been a bit less unfriendly.  We paid for our ouzo and left - went back down the beach to Klimatis (which had plenty of fish!)  We've been visiting Kefalonia for many years, and have never been so unimpressed before.   Won't go back. 

Elaine K           

Having read the comments about this restaurant we were looking forward to having a good meal.  How disappointed can you get!!  My husband and I had the white snapper fish (20 Euros) which was said to be enough for 2 people and came highly recommended by the waiter.  When the meal arrived it was literally a fish (10"), was nothing special and was not accompanied by anything.  The meal was vastly overpriced and the service was poor.

Sean F           

As a result of reading the comments on this website we were really looking forward to trying this restaurant.  We thought the walk back down the hill and along the beach would be worth it. 

What a huge disappointment!!
I had Swordfish which was served on a plate not much bigger than a saucer with a few chips.  My wife had chicken which was extremely tough.  The waitress was a young girl who waltzed up to the table, gave us each others meals and then cleared off.
When I hear comments about typical greek cuisine I don't want chips!!

Andy W           

Without doubt the best food in Lourdas.  This established family restaurant, fronted by a Greek Aussie who retuned some 25 years ago, is an absoloute gem.  There are a few good eating places in Lourdas but nothing comes close to this.  Situated at the very end of the beach and on a slight rise you can eat the freshest and best cooked Greek food as you look down to the sea and listen to that and appreciative sounds of other diners (with the exception when I was there of a couple from Sheffield who knew diddly squat about food).  Enquire after the catch of the day and choose from that or go for anything on the menu because it is all so well cooked.  The fried courgettes are simple but gorgeous and if you can`t decide on a starter ask for a mixed platter and enjoy what fried cheese, big beans, squid and veggies I had anywhere.  I would go back to Lourdas just to eat here.  If you like fry-ups and chips you are in the wrong place.   Yamas.

Jon L           

Well, what can i say.  Seven years and this place just keeps on getting better.  Since our visit in 1999, this fantastic family run taverna just excels all that is brilliant about greek food and culture. My father would not go anywhere else, nor me for that matter.  Superior chicken dishes to anywhere else, an excellent service, all for a reasonable price.  Highly recommended! Cant wait to go back in may!

Ben G           

well we stumbled across this lovely little place,after walking from trapazaci beach.W e stopped off for a drink and could see and smell the variety of fish,so popped back later on for dinner.It was very romantic.The food and service were excellent, highly reccomend it to any one.It is more expensive, but sod it your on holiday! lou and ben

Vivien O           

Had two meals here, one at lunch time lovely sardines. We found our way at night in the dark, a bit scary.
The waiter was Albanian and spoke a little english but was very pleasant and helpful. Would recommend this place. 

Karen L           

thought the comments on this place by previous people did not reflect the food or service we had last week.  food was ok, service was ok food was also overpriced.

Sam J           

To get to Lithero we had to down to Lourdas beach and take a right walking along the Lithero beach section. Past the beach-hut bar you start going up - the restaurant is on the edge of the cliff overlooking the sea. The best food I had in Lourdas - amazing! Try the prawns.

Pam S

Can someone tell me where Lithario Restuarant is. We looked for it last year, approaching from Lourdas beach, is it nearer to go to Trapezaki?? Email:

Kristie B           

We loved this taverna. A long walk down and a killer on the way up. the freid courgettes are out of this world! The chicken which I had was gourgeus. What makes it better is that all the food is either grown on site or bought from the local market.
From Kristie and family

Martin N           

Delightful. Wondeful location. Marvellous views and simple but attentive service. Simple food at very inexpensive prices. Highly recommended.

Tim S           

It's all that you could ask for in a typical Greek taverna by the beach. Great views. Good food. Good value.
We went back there several times.
A taste of real greek island food.
Kids loved the whitebait.
Chicken souvlaiki was my favourite.

Victoria B           

We had lunch here every day for a week! The restaurant is at the end of the beach, and is very reasonably priced. We met people who have been going there for years! Nice pizzas.

Harry S           

It may be a bit of a hike down towards the beach but it's well worth it when you get there. It's everything one imagines a typically Greek restaurant on the beach to be the food was superb if you go try the saganaki prawns they are to die for !!!!
Only downside is getting back up to the village after a few litres of the local vino but it is well worth the effort.

Russ R           

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