Andromeda Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Keith T          6/10

A stunning setting with great views, this restaurant offered good food and nice presentation, but it was the priciest we encountered, and with the smallest portions. Real Greek nouvelle cuisine which looked lovely but left you with the need to visit the mini-market on the way back to your apartment. The meal in our eyes came to a sour end when desserts were thrust in our faces by our waitress who was on a full sales drive in tempting us to opt for them. No prices were on display, and if we had wanted a dessert, we would have asked, as we did in other Lourdas restaurants the prices we had paid for our meal so far had already ruled that option out. We can understand the appeal here, but the prices, portion sizes and the over-zealous dessert sales would stop us making a repeat visit.

Greek Islands - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Keith T  (23 August 2010)        10/10

In this review we are referring to the new Greek Islands taverna about 100m down the Trapezaki road from the Garbis junction, not the taverna that preceded 'Captain Zorbas'.

This became our favourite taverna, proven by the fact that we have never before enjoyed the food, the ambience and the service at a taverna so much that we have made repeat visits. We ended up spending 7 evenings out of 14 here.
This is a real Greek taverna, carrying an estiatorio style, whereby the menu is smaller than most, but is almost entirely authentically Greek with the food being of superior quality, and all homemade onsite no frozen items here apart from the complimentary ice cream with your bill. The waiter, Antonio, made us feel incredibly welcome, and what he doesn't know about Kefalonia isn't worth knowing. He was chatty and welcoming, and unlike in Spiros, this was not to the detriment to first-time diners. Every single meal was delicious, good Greek food cooked superbly, with excellent value, generous portions and a nice view across to Zante. From what we could see, the fact that the new Greek Islands has only been open since June this year and is not on the main Lourdas strip, led to fewer customers than this lovely little taverna deserves. We suspect that the many people who walked past on the way to the Lourdas strip may have thought they would be getting better quality, value etc. in the other Lourdas restaurants than at this traditional one with its smaller menu and once on the strip, did not want to turn around they should have as they missed a treat. To us this has become not just our favourite restaurant in Lourdas, but our favourite on the island. We would strongly recommend that you give this taverna a try.

Inopolis Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Keith T          8/10

A nice restaurant with great views from the balcony and friendly service. Food was good with a wide choice on the menu. Prices were very reasonable; however it was sad to see the sheer lack of customers here despite the good value for money on offer. Overall, a nice little restaurant, with good prices which deserves more patronage.

La Mer Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Keith T          7/10

This restaurant was recommended to us by a fellow guest at our accommodation, which neighboured La Mer and whilst we felt that the food was of great quality, and the views were good, better or equal quality food could be found easily at other restaurants who were offering this at lower prices. We felt that the temperature in the restaurant was rather warm, with the air conditioning units making little difference. Overall, a restaurant offering good views and food but one that did not live up to the expectations set for us.

Spiros Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Keith T          3/10

Despite being busy everytime we passed, we found the prices to be cheap, however the quality was too, with our meals consisting of greasy, over dressed salads, possibly the worst carbonara we've ever tasted and over-cooked calamari. The waitress seemed to favour and lavish attention on those who were either regulars or her friends, whilst we were left waiting almost an hour for our relatively simple dishes. Overall, a cheap option, but one that lacks ambience, good service with changeable food quality.

CBR - (Car Rental in Kefalonia)

Keith T          8/10

Due to a slight pick-up misunderstanding I was a bit late arriving to pick up my group B car which was no longer available. Although they gave me a group C upgrade at no extra cost, the car was bigger than I wanted to drive on the Greek roads, but this was sorted professionally and with a smile by the next day, and I received a class B1 Fiat Punto which was perfect for our needs. I was really happy with the car and the service, my only warning would be to take the Collision Damage Waiver into account when you budget for your car hire. Ours was 130 for two weeks and it is well worth the money for the piece of mind it gave me.