Odyssey - (Bars in Lassi)

Rachel N          8/10

went to kefalonia twice last year...july and again in august...was situated in lassi and this place was the best! absolutley loved it.... wen i had to leav. staff are so freindly great place to drink before getting drunk lool.....gets lively around 10pm but is usually quiet before unless its tuesday night karaoke...brits paradise anyway definatly recommend the place!

So Simple - (Bars in Lassi)

Rachel N

have 2 totally agree with libby on the fit doorman.....ended up meeting him for a drink after work...but anyway i was there in july/august 07 and yeah totally agree hot point of lassi by far!! gorgeous blokes. the dj is really good competed in europes best and the barman was lovely.....free drinks all the way!!! but i should keep that hush... definatley deserves a clap...so heres the best plan i found...go for dinner in peadra(the best restaraunt with my gawjus waiters!!!!) walk to oddyyses for a few drinks and after a while take a walk to so simple. if you still want more after that catch a cab to argostoli or in my case meet ppl who own cars n head for bass club there is another 1 round the corner but its mainly the locals but worth the mingle!!! so simple is supurb!

Phaedra Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Rachel N          10/10

girls ...if you want a good meal served by some dishy men...look no futha.....the food is always perfect but that may be due to fact that anything taste good given to u by hunks.lol....i was there every night without fail got a reserved table by the 2nd week...loved the food especailly the lamb chops....n though i diddnt eat it their kefalonia pie has a great reputation so if you love your food this is the place.....o n dnt get drunk on the shots they give u with the bill...yamas!!!!! opa!!!!! t