Erietta Studios

Accommodation in Svoronata

Carole W          8/10

Arrived late in the evening and Makis was there to greet us. We had an amazing time at his Hotel and thoroughly enjoyed his company! What a fab guy!! He was so obliging nothing was a problem. He has a great pool and area which he is so proud of and so he should be! He was kind and generous. Always there if we needed him, although he was off for a couple of hours during the siesta time! Would and will go back! Well done Makis! He made our holiday.

Sarah M          10/10

Having read the comments after booking our holiday at Erietta Studios we did try to get our money back. we failed & are glad we went in the end!

Makis is very proud of his apartments & quite rightly so. The apartments are spacious, modern & very clean. The whole complex is spotless & well run.
We found Makis to be very friendly & helpful & he made a point of coming up to us on our last day to say goodbye & wish us a safe journey home.
The apartments are very close to the airport but don't let this put you off, there are only a few flights a week which you get used to before too long anyway.
The Olive Press across the road is perfect for a evening meals as is Fois further up the road past Ammes Beach.
If you repay Makis's respect you will have no problems & will enjoy your holiday from start to finish!

Simon P           

the aprtments are big and clean if you get the new block as there are two lots of twelve. the new ones for 2006 are nice as i was in them. just incase you don't know how to use doors, windows or air con makis will gladly demand you look and listen as he shows you! the pool is also clean and a sun trap during the day.

don't pay for a transfer as it cost me 30 for a 3 minute walk! you cannot miss it, it is on the only road out of the airport. one day when it was 46 degrees makis decided after a barny with some other guests that it was too windy to have the parasols up and took them all down?!?! 3 o'clock in the afternoon what a tosser! women beware of his letching and don't think if you are a woman he will not bully you as well!
if anyone but him ran the show it would make a killing!!!! but he is a tight, shrewd, miserable p***k!!! pool bar opens at 9am and shuts at noon, i ask you? then he'll come back at 3-4pm to open it after you have walked to the mini mart to meet the nicest man in the area for a cold drink during the one time you need the bar most 12- 3pm! makis i know you are reading this you donkey, you need to pay a kid to run the bar then you can chat to your mates all day especially michael hasselhoff.  #
as we were leaving he thought he'd remind us that we were cheap like all his guests, so he doesn't really care if he has your business or not. i would advise not!


Just thought id add a quick comment on the Erietta studios, as we only arrived back in the U.K on Monday.

We booked our holiday last minute, and didn't have 'named accomodation', so were a bit weary of what to expect, but first choice had assured us it was in a lively area, as we were a younger couple.
When we got to the studios it was a bit of a shock, because arriving late at night, you assume you can just pop to a bar or restuarant, but the only one nearby was shut!
Be prepared to spend LOTS of euros on taxis if you are not hiring a car in Kefalonia, as it seems to be 10 euros everywhere, and the studios are about 10 minutes from Lassi in the car.
Personally we had no problems with Makis, he helped us out frequently, and let us use his phone to contact first choice when a trip they organise 'forgot to pick us up'!
The studios are basic, and it would have been nice to have a few more facilities, as it was supposed to be self catering, however it was clean, and the cleaning is done regularly.
Makis does have some newer accomodation, which has air conditioning, if we ever went back i would definately ask for that, as it gets very hot at night.
The good parts about the studios is the pool and the bar, which are kept immaculate, and we spent a lot of time there.
The problem we feel with the erietta studios is First Choice, not Makis, they are the worst holiday company I have travelled with, and will not do so again. As long as you respect your accom, Makis is not to bad.

Nathan J           

Having booked a last min deal, we were unsure what to expect.

We were greated by Makis havin landed roughly 20 mins earlier at the airport, only 2 mins down the road. After showing us how to work a light switch, and strictly warning us to leave the air con off if we were not in the room, we went to the bar by the pool and were closley followed by the rest of the group just dropped off.
All was well until he started to make you feel guilty for not going to bed as the sun went down. We made some good friendships that evening and are still in touch with the people now.
The only really bad thing about the stay was having a night flight back and not being able to keep at least one of the rooms on, one of our friends was feeling very ill and he had a complete lack of sympathy for her, going on his siesta and locking the only public loo up. We got in touch with our First Choice rep who was about as much use as a chocolate fireguard.
The only other point I would make is dont leave anything electrical on as he will turn the electric off to your room and make you feel very very gulity for using what you have paid for.

Janet L           

We got a last minute deal to kefalonia, so didnt expect a five star hotel. we arrived late at night after a one minute transfer from the airport to our studios. We were met by makis, who was in the middle of a confrontation with a guest.... good first impressions?

I had read the emails about makis before we left, and was a little weary as to what to expect, as it happens it wasnt to bad, he does rule with an iron rod and does have  regulations, but it all goes towards a lovely, relaxing and very clean complex. If you havent got access to car or motorbike, make sure you have plenty of euros for taxis, it costs about 10 to the main resort and 10 back, doing that every day can dip in to your spends very quickly.
All in all a very very relaxing holiday.
Ps look out for free shots from makis, a quiet drink by the pool can turn out to something a little more.
hi jodie hope your behaving???

Debbie P           

Our holiday began nicely, Makis was pleasant enough and we couldn't understand why so many bad reviews.... Until the third day that is!!!  We were 2 girls on holiday, wanting a quiet peacful holiday.  Makis turned nasty when my friend kept saying no to his advances.  He kept on asking her daily until we could not bear it any longer.  In the end he refused to sell us water, unless I was the one that went to the bar, and not my friend.  Even though he was being arrogant and nasty, he still didn't give up.  The apartments are clean and the pool area very nice and if you stick to his rules then I don't think you would have a problem with him unless you are girls rejecting his advances!!!! We were very well behaved and quiet, caused no trouble but yet we still saw the angry side of Makis.  He also gave us a row in front of guests for leaving slight make-up on our towels and refused to give us any more.

Although it is close to the airport, you don't really notice the noise.  Only a few flights a day, and you will be out most of the day anyway.  Sunday was the busiest day for flights though.
I would recommend Svoronata as the place to stay (Erietta is in Minies) Kefalonia is stunning and I would definately go back but never would return to the Mean Makis!! Thanks for ruining our time there!!

Marian L           

We went in July this year (2005), we booked independently this time because I couldn't  find it in any holiday brochures that we had booked through previously. I'd been before with friends and this year wanted to take the family.  My husband and children (16 & 19) really enjoyed it and got on great with Makis and his family who made us very welcome. We found it very convenient for the airport, noise didn't bother us and we enjoyed watching the planes take off and land. Restaurant and mini market along the road were great as was the beach within walking distance. The new rooms were very spacious, clean and comfortable, and the pool and communal areas were spotless and the pool bar was really handy. We hired a car and toured the island, but if you want a quiet holiday and are happy to take the occasional taxi to Lassi or Argostoli you can get by without one.  Don't expect a rowdy holiday it is a great place to relax and chill.  All the islanders were welcolming and friendly and add to a great holiday experience.  We would definately go again, even the kids!

Beryl S           

had a great time for the past 4 years some people are too hard to please.hope to see makis and his family in 2005

Chris A           

Stayed at the Eritta Studios on a last minute holiday, NEVER AGAIN !
I could put up with the near vicinity of the airport but not with the antics of Makis. Although the Pool area was the best, sorry, only plus side to these studios, any enjoyment was spoiled by the pathetic rules of Makis.
Makis was also kind enough to switch the electricity off for one day because of a grievance with Golden Sun Holidays.
I loved Kefalonia but I would not recommend either these studios or Golden Sun Holidays.

Richard T           

Just arrived back and having read all the reviews on this site two weeks ago; here are a few extra.
Makis is a helpful, friendly and a stalwart owner. The Studios were Ideal for the two of us; compact, clean and quiet(i know there were aircraft; i expected it, dont let it put you off). It is a family run business and is maintained that way with practical, logical(the showers are solar powered; what a good idea) and good facilities. The pool is open at nine am with good, safe and common sense rules( basically respect what you are using).
The studios were a base( could not have choosen better)for us. I hired a car from Hertz at the airport when i arrived; when i return for a short holiday in the future i will think very carefully from doing so again; for a start it is one of four hire car companies at the airport and is the only one that opens at ten am ( the others open earlier). My return flight was at 9.30! think about it how do you get your damage deposit(insurance) back if its shut. oh and your credit card is manually transactioned incase of damage. American express cards are the best to give them as it gives you more protection, as a consumer. But hiring a car for the holiday is a must. The studios are in an excellent locality as every day we were up early touring the island in the mornings; afternoons come evenings sunbathing and eating out or back late at the studios for a light self cooked meal.
Take enough towels as there are plenty of picturesque beaches and the pool for that late afternoon swim, and of course that ice cold large glass of Amstel. Thanks Makis as i know you will be reading this.

Dave W           

Greetings to all the nice people we met in July 2004 whilst we were at Erietta (Makis is not included in that) the Studios were Clean Small cramped very basic. The facilities were one Swimming pool one bar always closed in the midday sun, we had to have carry out's from the local shop to quench our thirst, Makis was the most obnoxious Greek I have ever met and I have been to all the Greek islands. I would definately say avoid these Studios if you want a good time. It is 2 mins away from the airport by foot. Even the closest Beach or place to visit is a minimum 30-40 min walk. Apart from the restaurant over the road The Olive Press which was excellent. The we Hated It Thumbs down is a little severe but it did bring out the Brit spirit when the "Holiday Makers" bonded together determined to make the Holiday as enjoyable as possible, in spite of Makis.

David D           

Maki the owner was superb, he is a great guy and very genuine. Nothing was too much for him. The location is near to the airport but the noise is minimal and there are only about 3 flights a day except for Saturday. The appartments have a spot less pool area and bar which also does Cheese toasties etc. There is restraunt across the road called the Olive Press which is very good. if you don't want a car a taxi is onlt 9 to the capital. Its definately not a young singles place. I would definately recommend a car to see the Island it only cost 130 for 5 nights ask Maki. I would definately go back.The best thing about a small place like this is that you make friends with the other guest pretty quickly. The beaches are in walking distance and so is the airport.

Angela W           

We arrivewd at 8p.m on a Saturday evening, Makis the owner was waiting for the coach dropping us off.
At first he appearted to be a nice bloke (if not a little strange).
Firstly our room was a rabbit hutch with sparce furniture and the third bed was virtually a cot (my daughter is 19)We were under the impression when we booked it that we were in an apartment not a studio.
The bathroom was a tight fit and was run by solar power so if the sun didn't shine it was cold showers for all!!
Not that we had that trouble as the weather was great all week.
Makis changed money for a young coupl the first night saying the rate was down and only payiong one euro twenty three.
The couple and the rest of us found out the rate was in fact one euro forty nine and remained that the whole week.
His rules around the pool were incomprehensable and told of a young man for putting his flip flops on the bed as he was reading.
Makis would close the bar from 11.30a.m to 4.00pm so if you needed a drink, food etc you had to wait for the taverna over the road to open or have a walk up to the only shop.
It turned out by the second night nobody wanted to drink around the pool and we soon found a lovely bar at the top of the road with lovely freindly owners who were by the way related to the lovely Makis.
These people helped to add to our enjoyment and by the time the week was up there were over fourteen of us at this bar, who by the way put on a BBQ for our last night.
I am not suprised that the Golden Sun are not displaying this apartment in their brochure and I bet they wont be using it for much longer!!!!!!
Kefalonia is a lovely Island but stay clear of the Erietta and the Mad Makis!!!!!!
Last words - A big hello to Natalie, Andy, Sharon, Martin, David, Pam, Mandy, Dale and the rest of the escaped convicts from the Erietta
Fondest memories Ange, Mick and Katie (Mam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Richard G           

We stayed across the road in the Sofi Elena Apartments but used Makis' pool and bar. Liked the Beer glasses which looked like they had been in the freezer for 3 days! made those cold Amstels go down even nicer. Makis was a character, to say the least and was particularly (what's another word for anal?) 'fussy' about his pool. He is building another 10 apartments over the winter and I hope his place doesn't lose it's cosiness. Most of the people we met were staying at his place and were all a great bunch - they felt that the rooms were a bit 'Spartan' and were jealous of our TV, Oven, Air con etc.

Simon R           

Potentially a nice place but.....

Don't expect spacious rooms, especially if you have 2 kids. Although there are plenty of cats (and mice), there's nowhere to swing them in the studios. We kept falling over each other trying to negotiate the space between the bunks and the beds. Kitchen catering facilities are minimal - worse than anywhere else I've been (important given the 20 minute+ walk to most restaurants). Hot water is solar heated (excellent) but if there's no sun there's no backup - we had cold water for nearly 3 days.

I'm sure Makis is a nice bloke underneath but he needs to lighten up - we're on holiday after all, and paying. The pool rules are a bit much - no jumping, no diving, sometimes no dripping (man told off for not drying himself on getting out of the pool), no standing near the pool inlet jets. The real concern for us was his (inconsistently applied) action of closing the sun brollies if there was a hint of a breeze, even in the middle of the day. Given it's relatively isolated location it could do with some food provision at lunchtime but this is when he's off for his 3 hour siesta. Aircraft noise is not that big a deal, though the airport road is busy and cement lorries frequently added to our enjoyment.

The golden rule is don't upset Makis - if you do, he'll spoil your holiday. All that said, Kefalonia was great.

Katie J           

Svoronata is a very quiet place. Errieta is a 3 minute walk from the airport- on our way home we WALKED to the airport with our suitcases! As a teenager i found that i was literally pulling my hair out as there was nowhere to go apart from lassi or agostoli which is a 10minute taxi ride away.if you are planning to bring teenagers here up gfor a laugh DONT! Makis the owner will give u a free ride on his motorbike and is fine if u stay in his good books. however he dislikes anyone having much fun for example jumping into the pool is forbidden, ( even though we all did it when he went away from 11am-4:30pm everyday ;) )the appartments are clean but dont get one appt to share between four of u unless the children are 5ft and under- me and my sister's feet hung over the edge of the bunkbeds as we were too tall for them! even though my parents paid for me as an adult.Also a piece of advice to you all- bring a couple of extra toilet rolls- as a new one is issued evry two days!!

Kelvin J           

Having looked at the comments on this site, my girlfriend and I had some concerns before we arrived. Yes it is close to the airport (but this is a benifit as taxis were regular gave us more freedom as we were without a car) But the noise was negligable. As for the beaches a would consider a 10-15 minute walk not far for such a clean and pleasant beach. There were always sunbeds and good facilities near. Should one feel more adventurous the beaches in Lassi are just beautiful, and then just a short walk to some great places to eat.

And finally in regards to Makios, he is a fine fellow with a great sense of humour - should you give him the chance to show it. The pool was always clean and with plenty of room to spread out around it. Good bar prices and offers great advice in regards to getting around a good places to eat.

We had a fantasic time and would not think twice about returning to Erietta Apartments. I could go on but i suspect i have sold it to you already :)

Laura N           

We stayed across the road at the Sophie Elena apartments but were allowed use of the pool and bar here. The pool was very well kept, but as had been said before, you had to adhere to Makis's rules or you could be chucked out! Makis was a nice man and the bar prices were ok at 3 euro's pint.

Sara G           

Having read the previous comments on these appartments and a week earlier booked a last minute break there I was very worried, and did book a car for the full week. The appartments are lovely. Very clean and spacious for Greece, sheets and towels being changed midweek which I've never come across before. Makis (the manager)is fine, he sets the ground rules if you like, when you arrive and we got on with him OK. The blinds mentioned earlier are large 'shop-type' wind down blinds and he explained to us on arrival that at night the wind can get up off the sea and make them very noisy and also might damage them. Fair enough we made sure the blinds were up before we went out to dinner. We had nice sea view from the balcony that got the sun in the afternoon. Although you are looking over the runway the way trees have been grown it doesn't intrude on the view. The pool area is very nice, and at the rep meeting there is a request to shower before entering, but I didn't see anyone being spoken to if they didn't. Everything mentioned above I guess I can imagine happening, he is very proud of his appartment but if you respect him then he'll respect you.
Although you are literally a stones throw away from the airport I didn't notice any annoying noise and we spent over 4 days just lying by the pool.
The taverna problem is a pain though. I'm glad we booked a car but it did mean I didn't get to drink when we went out. It's probably a good 25 minute walk to the nearest taverna along the beech road past the airport. The road to Lassi although doesn't sound too far for the enegetic, is narrow, twisting and dangerous with the amount of traffic on it. If you're taking kids here, a car is a must.
All in all we had a great holiday. I'm glad I found this website and read the comments before I left, especially about tavernas. Location is what lets the place down a nice taverna or two up the road and I'd go back.

Nikki & colin C           

Amazing place, but for all the wrong reaons. 3 minutes WALK from the airport, aeroplanes so close,not actually that noisy, but LOTS of coaches going past on the main road just outside apartments every time a plane was due. Needed to walk around the runway to get to a beach, suprising how many miles you can clock up!! Makis the owner did not like the holiday makers, we were all a nuisance. If the sun was not out by siesta time, then umbrellas were not put up... could be very hot by the pool between 1.00pm and 4.00pm!!Siesta time being 3 hours!! NO sand allowed near his pool, NO jumping in his pool, NO suntan lotion allowed in his pool. Makis also does not think twice before waling in bedrooms in the middle of the night to ensure his blinds have been pulled down!! Errietta Studios rather a long way out of Svoranata, whic is a sprawling resort anyway, so unless you love walking or will hire a car, I certainly would not recomend that anyone would stay here, Makis does not deserve the custom any way.

Lorraine J           

These apts are three minutes WALK from the airport and on the busy main road so can be quite noisy. The owner/manager is extremely fussy leaving guests tense and not relaxed as a holiday should be. There are just too many restrictions around the apts and pool area. Basically all you can do is lie on a sunbed reading and swim from the steps in the pool. Even children are not allowed to jump into the pool into parents arms. The pool bar closes between 1pm and 4/5pm and you are not allowed to consume your own drinks around the pool at these times. Forcing you to return to your apt every time you need to drink. The only local mini-market is also closed at this time. The nearest restaurant is a good 55 mins walk and Ammes beach roughly 30-40 mins walk (depending on the heat of the day) Car hire or taxis are essential if you want to see more than the apts. But the biggest problem here is the owner/manager who will whistle at you and wag his finger every time you do something he does not want you to do (enjoy yourself basically) He has been know to show you the amount of dust/sand swept from your room, anything more than a tablespoon full is 'not acceptable'. Give Erietta Studios a miss!!