Poseidon Restaurant

Restaurants in Agia Efimia

G           7/10

Had lunch there once - My fried squid was OK but poor for a fish restaurant. Portion was small - half the size than the one I ate at Paradise (see separate review), agin frozen and a bit soggy and tough. My wife's chicken souvalki was excellent, so much so that we went back on our last night and had one each. They obviously do very nice frsh fish dishes, but at a price - a group of italians next to us had a large seafood pasta topped with a lobster - who knows how much that cost. Very good service - no free sweet, but offered an ouzo - I hate the stuff!

Alan D          8/10

A lovely resturant with good views of the harbour entrance.  Good service, good food at reasonable prices.  Its cheap to eat in Greece anyway.

Wiel M          10/10

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The best restaurant we found in this place. From the restaurant you have a beautifull vieuw on the harbour, the see and Sami. It is a typical fish-reataurant, but the other menus are also excellent. The owner and the staff are very very friendly and after the dinner you receive always a free drink or fruits. We know the greek kitchen very good, but we never eat a better fish in Greece, Our impression was that the fish was catched the same day. For this restaurant the name should be changed in "family-restaurant". The owner enjoys it when his guests are happy and at the last evening in Agia Efimia he served a special dinner for our group.


Martin B           

We had our best meal here. Lovely hot cheese starter and kleftico which was well cooked. The location was excellent overlooking the harbour and the service friendly and attentive. The local wine was the best we tasted.

B J           

This was the best meal we had in our weeks stay. Kleftico was lovely

Peter M           

Avoid this restaurant, we both had stuffed squid it was overcooked and tastless, the service was mundane

Ken P           

Situated above the Sail Bar opposite the jetty.Ate there with my wife and 2 friends when 3 of us had Kleftica,all they had-always a good sign when limited quantity which suggests they are not mass produced and kept in the freezer.They came properly cooked in grease proof paper,meat on the bone together with potatos,vegetables-brilliant.My wife had Kalamari which passed the test.Free honey/yoghurt.Second time my wife had the Kleftica-again brilliant.I had grilled Swordfish which could not be faulted.Free mini Baklavas this time.Also excellent wine.