Spiros Restaurant - (Restaurants in Agia Efimia)

G           9/10

Recommended - ate there once, but was very good - Had a meze starter, fried courgettes and Kleftico with Bakalava for afters. Waiters very friendly and helpful. We only didn't eat there more because we discovered Pergolas

Pergola Taverna - (Restaurants in Agia Efimia)

G           10/10

click to enlargeVery recommended. We ate there on the first night and many others as a result of the reviews here and local recommendation. This is a wonderful true taverna run by a husband, wife a daughter team. They speak very good English - The owner was from New York, but of Greek background. The specials change daily, with only limited dishes cooked, so they run out at the end of the evening - a good point - at least you know it's fresh. A three course meal for 2 (including free sweet) with wine and one (or 2) large beers (draft Mythos 2.5 Euros - fantastic!!) came to just under 30 Euros. This is off the main drag, up the road past the scuba centre on a corner. Also courses etc tend to be about 50 cents less and this place is open all year, not just the tourist season. My favorites were Kefelonian Meat Pie, tatziki, Aubergines baked with tomatoes and mozzerella, baked feta, stifado, kefelonian rice pudding, fried aubergines, oh and did I mention the cold draft Mythos (beer).

Paradise Beach Restaurant - (Restaurants in Agia Efimia)

G           8/10

Only ate there once at lunchtime - fried squid. it was good, but not the best i've ever eaten because for some reason, a lot of the fish from kefelonia is frozen. the location is fantastic, well worth the walk and other dishes looked good.

Poseidon Restaurant - (Restaurants in Agia Efimia)

G           7/10

Had lunch there once - My fried squid was OK but poor for a fish restaurant. Portion was small - half the size than the one I ate at Paradise (see separate review), agin frozen and a bit soggy and tough. My wife's chicken souvalki was excellent, so much so that we went back on our last night and had one each. They obviously do very nice frsh fish dishes, but at a price - a group of italians next to us had a large seafood pasta topped with a lobster - who knows how much that cost. Very good service - no free sweet, but offered an ouzo - I hate the stuff!

Finikas Restaurant - (Restaurants in Agia Efimia)


Hi, I didn't eat in Finikas, primarily because I vaguely remembered the poor reviews from here. However to be fair on them, it looked OK with a great 1st floor area / bar overlooking the harbour. The staff were friendly (OK they were trying to get us to eat there). My reason for writing this is regarding the cats mentioned in the review below - the cats (and dogs) visit every Taverna. They go there because the tourists (mainly British) feed them. I personally was more annoyed by people smoking at the table in the restaurants than the cats or dogs - if you ignore them they will go away. All of the Tavernas in Agia looked good - We had our favourites, and some were did not look to our liking, but that's personal choice.