Fois Restaurant

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Gwyneth P          10/10

We didn't discover Fois  until our 2nd week, what a shame as it really is the Best Taverna with excellent food , Every dish we had was wonderful. We went 3 times in total.

Carol B          10/10

The quality of the food and service in this restaurant continues to be excellent.  We have tried others, but it is still our favourite for local cuisine.  The beef stifado is superb, the biftecki are delicious, and the grilled dishes (chicken, fish) are always well-cooked and flavoursome.  They use home-grown produce for their salads, and their attention to detail (great chips, excellent and plentiful bread and butter, for instance, and fresh oregano in the tuna salad) has made every visit enjoyable.  We have noticed many familiar faces at the tables in recent years, so we are obviously not the only ones who rate this venue highly.

Marie W           

after traveling to greece on numerous occasions, and this was the best greek food on offer we have ever come across fetta salad to die for as well as numerous others, thrilled to have dined there

Tim and Marie

Joanne G           

August 2006 just back.  Feel strongly enough to post review Fois was our favourite taverna.  Location  and views excellent. The home grown greek salads were the best I've tasted in the 20years Iv'e been visiting greece. The meat balls in tomato sauce was another good choice Hubby enjoyed his squid and the grilled dishes cooked to perfection.  Service was excellent even when the taverna was full. Will def visit again made our holiday.

Thomas S           

The food was gorgeous and good value for money! The service was superb and the atmosphere was lovely and welcoming! I was with my partner but this is also a magnificent family restaurant!

Truly a night to remember!!! Definitely to be added to yout list of "must do's" whilst there!!!

Annemarie L           

waiter was very rude,he stood at head of our table and called our meals out and made us pass them along to each other! my mother in law burnt her hand on a pizza plate!

David W           

Excellent value . Perfect setting. OK you have to walk a bit. The beef stefado is out of this world.

Tracey B           

We thought Fois was very average, we should have known really, you pass Porto Ellis taverna before you get to Fois, and that was heaving, we arrived at Fois to find only 2 people there, which to say the restaurant is large, I don't know how they make a living. The food was traditional Greek and we thought we were in for a treat with the menu, however the food was very average and I couldn't eat my meal, unless you really like garlic and I mean like garlic DON'T go for the cod with garlic mash, it's more like garlic with a hint of potato! and the cod was battered (what's that all about!!) The service was poor compared to other tavernas, the staff weren't very friendly and you felt like you were being watched. The only plus point was the setting which if you get a good table overlooks the sea and it was quite cheap.

Mel C           

Great service, our children plyed with the owners children so we had a peaceful drink, really good briam, stuffed veg and huge pizzas. lovely setting.

Clare B           

Ate here twice. Very nice food, probably the 2nd best restaurant we went to whilst in Kefalonia! The service was fine, and the restaurant was very nicely designed. Good price too.

Steve J           

We have been to kefalonia many times and always spend most evenings dining at Fois restaurant as the service is so good , the food is great and the owners and staff are so friendly. and they do the best sword fish on the island.

Mike S           

great outlook

Rick P           

The food here was superb. We ate a few times and had a variety of dishes. Everything was tasty, hot and well prepared. The owner is a girl from Market Drayton married to a local so there was a good mix of authentic food and ease of ordering.

The service was good and everything was clean.

The owners children played with ours whilst the food was being prepared which they all enjoyed.

I can echo the comment re the Garlic mash - it is VERY strong - but nice.

The views were great as you could watch the sun set and you could see over the sea.

Our personal favourite.

Linda M           

We've been to Svoronata for our holidays for many, many years and we can honestly say that Fois remains the best in the area when it comes to quality, volume and value. Nicky, Spiros and family do an excellent job of making you feel welcome. And Michaelis is a great laugh at no extra charge.

The earlier commentator who remarked, when referring to the waiters, "..but there English was poor" should first check their (note spelling of their) own English before complaining about that of the Greeks!!! We Brits are really ignorant when it comes to speaking anything other than English and expect everyone else to make the effort!!!

Helen E           

The food here was lovely especially the pork steak. The fish is nice but beware of the garlic mash as it is VERY strong. Nice Greek salad but that was nice in most places. The service wasn't as good as other places but the price was write

Oliver S           

We went there everyday the food was great quality, the children loved the stifado. The service was really good the waiters were really friendly (even though there English was poor).

Michael S           

shame about the cats

Anthony R           

Unless this particular restaurant specialised in Greek or Kefalonian cuisine only, the meal which we ordered (Pizza, Pasta and some kind of meatball dish), was of quite poor quality. The service was not really up to the high standard that we experienced in other local tavernas during our stay.

Janette H           

Dined here more than once, their Stifado must be the best, their prices are right, the location lovely, and the staff very pleasant. Love to go back.