Lithero Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Andy W           

Without doubt the best food in Lourdas.  This established family restaurant, fronted by a Greek Aussie who retuned some 25 years ago, is an absoloute gem.  There are a few good eating places in Lourdas but nothing comes close to this.  Situated at the very end of the beach and on a slight rise you can eat the freshest and best cooked Greek food as you look down to the sea and listen to that and appreciative sounds of other diners (with the exception when I was there of a couple from Sheffield who knew diddly squat about food).  Enquire after the catch of the day and choose from that or go for anything on the menu because it is all so well cooked.  The fried courgettes are simple but gorgeous and if you can`t decide on a starter ask for a mixed platter and enjoy what fried cheese, big beans, squid and veggies I had anywhere.  I would go back to Lourdas just to eat here.  If you like fry-ups and chips you are in the wrong place.   Yamas.

Patritcia - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Andy W  (26 May 2006)         

An honest little place with reasonably priced and, on the whole, pretty good food, especially if you find yourself in need of a good breakfast after a little too much of the local wine the night before.  Its a great place to sit and watch the sea and people passing but I`m not sure that the constant background music, courtesy of Love FM, will be to everybody`s liking.  Having said that, the lads that work there are great.  Friendly, casual service but attentive and efficient.  It won`t be long before, as almost everywhere else, you`ll be getting a free beer or half litre of wine.  I would have liked to have eaten there more but there are so many places to try in seven days.

Klimatis Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Andy W           

I find it hard to believe that this place scores 10 out of 10 on the given scale here when Lithero scores less.  Yes the food is good.  Yes the service is good-ish and the price is ok-ish.  There are a lot worse places around and compared to many restaurants across the island this one is pretty good.  For some reason I didn`t like the atmosphere here.  It was just a little bit too quiet and that doesn`t mean I was looking for music or bloody Greek dancing but I find it strange when people whisper at tables.  What`s that all about?  Maybe it was an off night and looking at all the favourable comments about the place I think I may have got it wrong..........or maybe I`m just hard to please.  Go look for yourself.........its the only way. 

Lorraines Magic Hill - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Andy W           

A great location just a short climb from the beach and with wonderful views of the bay but let down by the food.........which is a shame, considering that is its raison d`etre.  The menu, I think, is just too big so you might strike it lucky or not depending on what really is fresh and easily available and what is not.  This seemed to be the concensus when I was there in mid May and quite honestly I can`t see where it gets all these rating stars from.  Good for a snack and a beer but avoid the cocktails unless you like low alcohol drinks.