Nikos Apartments

Accommodation in Sami

Bernice R          10/10

l would like to book a holiday for the Nikos Studios Sami in 2012 l love this place,if anyone has any information how l can contact them l would be very grateful.

Pam S          10/10

my husband bob and i have stayed at nikos for the last 6 years,but unfortantly thomas cook did not renew contracts for2011 so nikos have now gone independent . i hope this helps, we hope to return soon

Jacqueline B

we have also stayed at the nikos for last 4 years but suddenly this year it is not in any of the english brochures so don't know what has happened gutted

Jo A          10/10

Stayed at Nikos in June 09, it was fab, we want to return, does anyone know which tour operator is currently offering Nikos as i cant find it anywhere  

Rodney E          8/10

Me and my partner have been to the Nikos Apartments twice now and really injoyed our time there.  The apartments were always really clean and kept tidy.  
Nikos and Elena, and their two lovely children, have always made us feel really welcome (the fresh lettuce and peppers we were given by Nikos were fabulous).
Although Sami is quiet it has some fabulous Tavernas, particularly the Mermaid, Dolphin and the Riviera, whose staff are friendly, polite and curtious.
Would recommend these apartments to anyone.  We had a great time and hope to return many times in the future.
Ps.  The kittens were great as well.
Rod and Dave (apartment 9, June 10)

Malcolm P          10/10

  Have just returned from two glorious weeks at the Nikos Apartments. Our room on the first floor was lovely, with a balcony overlooking the pool area. The weather was perfect. Our first visit to Greece, not our last. Nikos and Elena worked their socks off to keep everything clean and tidy.

The back road walk into Sami is a lovely walk past all the olive trees and locals animals. We found Sami very relaxed and friendly at this time of year ( early May ).  A car is essential for some of the time as we didn't come across any public transport to visit nearby towns.  Will definitely return to The Nikos Apartments. 

Rosie L          10/10

i had a brilliant time when i went it was great i went with my family what we did is we went the second week the rest of my family met us there and it was great we had lovely time an d will definetly going there next year

Paul H          10/10

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Paul and Sue Holyoake, John, Lin, Harry and Kathy at The Nikos Apartments  in Sami

Six of us first went to the Nikos Apartments in Sami last year in 2007 and had such a nice stay we all decided to go again this year. We've only just returned from the most fabulous 2 week holiday there. If you like a relatively quiet and peaceful resort, with lovely eating places, exceptional weather (one day temperatures reached 42 degrees) then Sami and the Nikos Apartments are for you.

Everything about the Nikos Apartments is delightful - Nikos, his wife Elene (and their two young daughters) all help to run a beautifully clean place while Grandad looks on. There are not many mosquitos either.

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The pool, although small-ish, is superb. When we wanted to use the BBQ facilities, we only had to ask. Nothing was a problem for them. Although none of the family speaks English we did get by with the little Greek we knew and a great deal of arm waving, as someone else once said in another review.

Places we ate at and found pretty good were:
  • The Dolphin
  • The Mermaid
  • Adonis
  • Moonlight (out of town in the next village)
  • The Watermill (along the coast))

Thanks! Nikos and Elene, hope to see you again one day.

Mark M          10/10

my self and my wife stay at nikos every year and they are so freindly and warm the whole family children and grandfarther just great the whole of the two weeks looked after very well always clean and tidy we also only ever eat at the dolphins with dimitrios and wife kiki the waiters paul vince and cant remember the other guys name all so welcoming and freindly nothing is to much trouble food is just so goooooood

Frederick Q          9/10

my wife and i stay at the nikos every year for the last 3 years 

we found the rooms clean a good view out to sea
the family elena & her husband  put a lot of work
into keeping the place clean they dont speak english
but a lot of arm wavering usually does the trick
the only taverna we use in sami is the Dolphins
food is good  dimitri the manager  also owns a
nightclub and after your meal complimentary 
drinks are offered

June G          7/10


Just returned from 2 weeks at the Nikos Apartments. we were allocated room 9, very clean, ground floor with very spacious patio. Walking to the town is not a problem as there is as very quiet back lane which is a very pleasant and safe route to both the town and the beach.  We did not hire a car, but we did walk to Antisamos beach twice, and as long as you allow yourself time (about 1-1.5 hours) to enjoy the walk it is not that hard going.
Enjoyed looking after ther 3 little kitties which visited us every evening. Lovely Tavernas in the town, really reccomend The Mermaid & The Dolphin.
One of our best holidays as ther are so many things you can do even if you don't choose to hire a car, including local buses and also boat trips from the harbour.
No complaints at all except that you have to come home again, hope to return one day. 

Katy P          9/10

I have to say after reading some of the comments on this website AFTER I had booked my holiday I was a fraction worried.......especially when I arrived in Kafelonia to be given a key to my room which turned out to be the dreaded No.11!!!!! Having read the comments on this website I had a very panicy coach journey to Sami worried what horrors may await me.
I can happily confirm that my fiancee and I had the most amazing holiday, we had no complaints with regards to the apartment, everyone we had the pleasure of speaking to was more than pleasant and accomodating so much so that we are flying out there for the second time in two years.
And I have no idea what all this nonsence is about the dog, when we visited the dog was tied up which is very normal for Greece (I have been to greece about 30 times) and the dog always have plenty of water and was very well taken care of!!
I reccommend the Nikos apartments and Sami to anyone wishing for a relaxing enjoyable holiday!!

John M           

Just read your update David, and whilst I appreciate you feel strongly about animals, I have too travelled extensively and actually lived abroad for 10 years. My parents ran a sanctury for abandoned dogs for over 8 years and cared for many, many mis-treated and abused dogs.

I am fully aware of what the do to cats on the Greek islands and am also aware that the do it in Turkey, Portugal and most other southern European Countries.
I object strongly to any animal cruelty and hate Bull Fighting, chickens and poultry  tied together by their legs, ill fed so called pets and many other awful things that occur in Europe alone. However, the poor dog at this resort at least had water, shelter and (per my conversations with an English couple who had stopped at the Nikos for 7 years in a row) found out that the dog was walked and regularly fed.
Whilst I would never treat my own pets like this, the point I am trying to make is, if you feel this strongly about the way the dog was, how do you cope travelling through Northern Spain and the way market animals are treated or through Turkey where I've seen animals beaten and  in real distress?
I also referr you to Paul Moss's comments too.
I admire your concern and do apologise for the flippant comment.
Ps. Will not be entering into any further dialogue as its a holiday review site and don't want it full of our difference of opinion. 

David L           

Dear john I am pleased to hear your report that the dog is fine. "PS. The dog is fine. Loads of water and attention and well looked after. The complainer obviously needs to get a life and appreciate other cultures.." I don't plan to get into a slanging match with you but it is possible that the dog you saw was not the poor specimen we saw. As to getting a life and embracing other cultures, I work as a journalist and travel extensively. I am also very familiar with dogs through dog ownership and work with UK Search and Rescue dogs, I have also been involved with dog sled racing both in the UK and America. It may well have been the fuss kicked up by ourselves and the others at the appartments that caused a change in the treatment of the dog. On a similar front perhaps yopu would like to go to Sami or other Kafalonia resorts out of season. You will find the cat population is dramatically reduced due to wide scale use of poisons to cull the feline numbers.

Louise B           

We have just returned from a week at the Nikos Apartments in Sami and we loved them.  They are exactly as the brochure said.  We had a lovely studio, room 3 which was on the top floor overlooking the pool.  Without doubt the best accommodation I've had in Greece and I've visited a few different places.

The studio was clean and had towels changed twice when we were there. A ceiling fan which was great and kept us cool all night.  The owners are constantly tidying and sweeping up and their little girls are a delight.
No dogs this year but a few cats which weren't a problem and some lovely kittens.
The resort is great, I was a bit wary after reading some reviews but I found plenty of charming restaurants, wonderful people and believe it has an excellent combination of working port plus tourist destination.  Infact probably the best place on the island.
The road to the apartments is a bit busy but fine in daylight, in an evening we often got a taxi home from the town for just 3 euros.  The Pericles Hotel is just up the road and we had full use of their facilities.
Travelled with Thomas Cook and their rep was great.
Lovely holiday !

Janet M           

We had both the 2 bedroom apartments here in 2003 and found the family wonderful giving us fresh fruit most days and the little girls loved being in the pool with my daughter and grandsons. Very clean and most friendly. The walk into Sami is very pleasant over the fields with no traffic to worry you. The people delightful the Taverners great having been to Sami 5 times with family we have never ever encounted rudeness anything but we have always travelled with JMC likewise this year can't wait regret the Nikos apartments were fully booked so we will be returning to the Pericles Hotel

which we also have found to be first class.

John M           

Just a few lines on our holiday to Sami and the Nikos apartments. As a couple, we thought the resort and apartments were excellant. I would not recommend the apartment for families as there is little for children to do (I heard two families moaning about this - next time read your brochure!).
One of the best bits of our break was the other people stopping in the apartments as they all were friendly and interesting people. A warning though. We stopped in a ground story apartment (11) and found it a little dark and gloomy. We were also awakened each morning by the owners young kids at about 6 am! We've booked a two bedroom apartment to ensure this does not happen again....

All in all, I would recommend Sami and the apartments for folks wanting a quiet break!

PS. The dog is fine. Loads of water and attention and well looked after. The complainer obviously needs to get a life and appreciate/accept other cultures..

Phill M           

We have travelled extensively in the Greek Islands, but have found our ideal in Kefalonia. Not only that, but Nikos Apartments in Sami are perfect. The location, facilities, cleanliness and not to mention Nikos and his family, all make for a fantastic break. I had read reports about their dogs being mistreated. What a load of nonsense, yes they are chained up, but so are all dogs in Greece, that is their way. They always had food and clean water, and were checked daily by the family and cleaner. I couldn't praise Nikos Apartments enough.

Vanessa W           

The Nikos appartments were great, we couldn't have asked for any better.
We and our friends each had the two bedroom appartments which were nice & spacious, once of the rooms had the wardrobe & dressing table & the other had plenty of room for the travel cot to go in. They were very clean with the maid coming in every day except Sunday & I think the sheets must have been changed every 3 days or so. The bathroom floor got so wet after a shower & they ask you not to use their towels on the floor & there was nothing to mop it up or push the water into the drain so it was a little dangerous, we just kept the bathroom door shut at all times to avoid an accident!
Nikos & his family were very hospitable & loved our children to spend time playing with their two girls. They also allowed us to make use of their barbeque which I would highly recommend with meat bought from the 2nd butchers as you go into Sammi town, very tasty kebabs & burgers. We had full use of the Pericles hotel facilities which was just up the lane although even with the pool bar we preferred to stay at the Nikos apartments when we didn't have the car.I would definitely recommend car hire to see the island & to get to the beaches & the walk into Sami is about 20mins, no paths until you get into Sami town but its ok if you all walk in single file, we made sure an adult was at the front & back of the line! If you really don't like the walk, the taxi is only about 3 Euros although there aren't many taxi's in Sami when the ferry comes in. If you are wanting to pay by visa for your meal, ask that they accept it first as we got caught out & thankfully our friends had some spare Euro's on them! We would definitely go back & certainly consider Nikos appartments again.

Mandy M           

Nikos apartments were fabulous! they were extremely well looked after, set amongst wonderful gardens, and were very quiet. We had a one bedroomed apt.,on the top floor, with a massive terrace/balcony with spectacular views of Sami, but we did meet people who had booked a studio which were on the ground floor and they were unhappy with the view and the fact that you got no balcony, they called their room the dungeon!
The apartments were very clean but they only supply you with hand towels for the shower, and one toilet roll, so take your own!
On the downside, the apartments were a long way away from Sami and the nearest supermarket, this didn't affect us as we had a car for the whole week (fortunately!)but not only did you have at least a 20 minute walk into town but this was along a very busy road with no paths! We strongly recommend carhire, especially if you have children.
The resort of Sami was a busy little port, but bigger than i had expected. It was full of Italians in designer clothes and was extremely busy (we think we went midst the greek holidays and the italian holidays), the restaurants were not typically greek tavernas and we found that the waiters had little, if any time for us, (other people we met noticed this as well),we were in fact treated most rudely on occassions, had money snatched out of our hands and people push in front of us in queues especially in the supermarkets.We put this down to the fact that the port was full of expensive yachts with millionares aboard and obviously they were lavished over by the waiters and we came very low down on their list of priorities, not being millionares!
We have to say that other resorts on the island were preferable to Sami because they were less busy and we were treated much better, having been to many Greek islands we have always found Greek people very friendly and have never been treated so badly. Having said that i must say that Nikos and his wife were very nice and went out of their way to make sure we had a happy hols, which we did have.
Nikos apartments were fabulous as was Nikos and his wife, but pick the apartments up and take them to another resort where they are more British friendly!

David L           

sadly our stay at the nikos apartments was marred by the
treatment of the small dog which was chained just inside the car
park to the residence. on three occaisions the dog was not given
water during temperatures up to 40c.

nikos and his family live on the premises and would spend
hours in the garden while the dog was completely ignored. we,
and several other visitors began feeding the animal scraps and
trying to make sure it always had fresh water. we complained
about the conditions to our thomas cook representative but got
a load of bulls**t by way of a reply!

we will not travel to sami or the nikos apartments again. an
organisation exists to try and offer help to abused animals in
greece and they can be contacted at - greek animal rescue. 69
great north way, hendon, london. nw4 1pt tel. 020 8203

if you feel as we do about the general conditions for animals in
greece please log on to their web site and place your name on
their petition which will be presented at the 2004 olympics in
athens -

you can contact me at

Julie R           

The nikos apartments in Sami were brilliant. They were really clean and had everything that you wanted,the pool was really nice and it was quiet. You would need a car really though as it was about 20mins walk into the town and the nicest beach was a 10 minute drive away.