Princess Hotel - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Julie E          5/10

We have just spent a week at The Princess Hotel. The Hotel it's self is beautiful although very expensive. Our room over-looked the Pool and the lush Gardens. The Room and balcony are a fairly nice size with ample wardrobe space. The cleaning each day was immaculate with towels changed every 2 days, even on the evening before we booked out.

However, such pleasant things cannot, I am sad to say, be said of the Staff or the Breakfasts. The Staff although efficient were, we felt totally uninterested in their guest. The only time the owner spoke with us apart from booking us in, was to ask if we wanted to attend a Barbecue. I presume because she wanted the additional revenue. Trying to obtain a drink or food from the Pool bar was an exercise in patience, you could wait for ever for the Staff to notice you actually required service.

The so called breakfast, were in the end just laughable. My husband and I had a bet with other, as too just how many people would wonder aimlessly, plate in hand around the buffet, trying to find something edible to eat. The so called hot (or rather luke warm) plate contained rubber eggs, dried out bits of bacon and hot dog sausages. There was bread which you could toast yourself if you could get the flies off the bread long enough to place it in to the toaster. We paid £978.00 for a week's Bed & Breakfast and expected at least a decent meal each morning, we were extremely disappointed to the degree we choose to visit a local eatery on two morning and pay again rather then risk the food at the Hotel. We also tried lunch at the Hotel, early on in our holiday. The food and the service really need improvement if this Hotel is to retain it's so called 3 star plus rating.

Monte Nero - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Julie E          8/10

Great place - a bit up market with linen napkins etc.  We tried the Meatballs which were superb, a lovely evening would recommend to anyone.

Nefeli Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Julie E          10/10

We went here after reading the previous reviews. We were not disappointed. Try the Stamna, tender beef, potato’s and all sorts of veg slow cooked with Feta, this matched some of the best versions of this dish we have tried over the years. If you just happen to have any room left at all we would recommend the Walnut Cake with Ice Cream. But, best shared as enormous portions. Whole meal including Wine, Coffee and of course Mataxa came to less than 50Euro’s for the pair of us. Brilliant.