Car Rental in Kefalonia

Matt W           

Very helpful friendly bloke in the Lourdas office, gave us advice on the best places to go snorkelling too.

Kate S           

The sunbird brand on the lourdas road was very helpful, the guy in there (sadly has left now) was very helpful even if he could talk forever. Because he was so busy and we were very patient we got a bigger car for the price of a smaller one. Good car, petrol cheap. would advise a bigger engine if you are to go over some of those mountain roads but the main thing is YOU NEED A CAR!

Pat C

I contacted sunbird via the web on, and received an e-mail with the address of sunbird. I do not know if they are cheaper or better then other companies, but I do know I was extremely impressed with the efficiency and speed in which Antonias Castonas (the owner, based in Argostoli, I believe) responed to my request. Give them a go, what do you have to lose?!!

Jai R

Is there an email address or telephone no. for Sunbird?

Russell P           

I had left my licence at home but they couldn't have been more helpful with in an hour we were on the road. we had a motorbike which was well matained and gave us a lot of fun. there prices were very competative as well highly recamended

Simon W           

Really helpful and efficient service. The car, a Fiat Seicento (that's all you really need for the dodgy roads on the island) was clean, new and very competitively priced. There was no problem in extending the hire period for a few days.

Deena L

We don't have full bike licences only a full driving licence. Will we still be able hire moped/scooters in Lourdas? We have heard that the law has changed recently in Greece.

Andresa D

How to rent a car in Kefalonia (Lourdas)? I'm going at the end of August for 2 weeks. Please advice the best way to rent a car closer Lourdas's beach Thanks Andresa

Cathy M           

We hired a Virago Motor Bike from Sunbirds and they were great - If you are touring this Island I would recommend that you get a Trials Bike, we found the hills steep and roads bendy and the Virago was heavy to handle on these,no good if you have weedy arms! no good for a scooter really, to many steep hills for them to cope.

Catherine H

Hi I've been to Kefalonia several times before I was married and stayed in Lixouri. Wanting to introduce my hubby to Kefalonia this year and stay in Lourdas or Katelios this time and need a motorbike or car (prefer a bike). Can you suggest any companies or will we have to go into Argostoli or Scala?

John S           

Very good condition car which was only 1 month old.

Cathy M

Can we get a scooter from Sunbirds and what if so at what price for a week?? Arriving On Saturday Cathy

Jim M

Telephone number for sunbird in lourdas is (0030) 6710 31333, but i suggest you book through Antonios, the owner, at head offive in Argostoli on (0030) 6710 23723.

Colin W

Please supply a telephone number for Sunbird car hire in Lourdas. Thank you.

Jim M           

Booked direct with the owner, Antonias< by phone from the UK and the car was waiting at the airport on arrival, and a new car at that. Service and quality better than any of the other companies I have used on Kefalonia (all of them!)

Tom H

Please provide information on car and bike hire on Kefalonia. Thanks