Exchange Rates in Kefalonia

Adam W

I brought a mixture of Euros and Sterling pounds.I changed it ar CBR car hire place and it was ok.I also took money out at ATM(2 were operating now)and my bank HSBC did not change me anything at all.I have informed HSBC before I set off so that they will let me withdraw money out abroad.

Steven D           

take stirling and exchange it in the main street.....5% better than UK and only 2% commission.  there is also an atm on the main street that was always working but we didn't use it as reports that the bamks were charging 6% commission

Chris S           

Just Back July 2005

We used CBR to convert our travellers cheques to money. It cost us about 9 Euros for 450 Euros, which is a little pricey, the english guy was nice enough! The cash machine next to Mi Abila seemed to be broken once, watched to guys try to fix it when I was eating at the restaurant. They got it going, eventually!!! Not sure if you could just count on it though!!!

Linda L           

CBR in main street is where we went every time to change travellers cheques - I think next time I would take all stirling as having the safes in the room there would be no problem and you lose everytime you change up or down. It was mostly British people in CBR who were all friendly and helpful with regards to anything.

Albie P

We are paying our first visit to Kefalonia.Which option is best stirling or euro travelers cheques.

Colin F           

Money exchange - Skala
Try CBR in the main street. They offer good rates and there is a Brit (Stewart) working there who is a mind of local knowledge.
Very good for car hire good price and comprehensive insurance.
Enjoy this super island.


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