Captains Bar

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Dale B          9/10

Fantastic bar, great atmosphere and made to feel really welcome. Cocktails are amazing although can get expensive for a family of 5. Going again tonight !!

Rob/sue L          9/10

click to enlarge... Been to Skala twice and returning this year ... So excited ... Captains Bar has a great buzz ... Especially last year when the BIG storm came in September and we all had to take cover ... Always make you welcome ... Love the Mojitos ... See you this year again ...

Marion Percival          10/10

Add your clove omment herelove it in captains bar they do the best cocktails & the staff are lovely always happy to see you

Rob Mackay          10/10

Defently the best bar in skala with great selection of cocktails.The stuff is amazing and makes you feel welcome.

Sue L          3/10

We visited  Captains Bar in 2010 but were utterly dissappointed by the service and drinks served. We  found the prices to be over the top, when compared to other bars on our stroll in Scala and the staff did very little to make us feel at ease.

However what I do find very much disturbing is that many posts awarding a poor rating to this bar, which I utterly concur, makes me very suspicious and aids in creating a false impression of it, by leaving only the good comments.

Definately a no go on our next visit.

Jane & family L          9/10

Passing the Captains Bar after the beach we noticed it was happy hour from 6-9 and the atmosphere was amazing. We thought it would be a change as our children were always too young to go in a bar but now they are a reasonable age. They did an amazing range of different cocktails and wines and beers. While me and my husband had a glass of wine our children had an non-alchoholic fruit cocktail, they enjoyed it so much they had another one and we decided to come back the next night. Whilst walking back from the bar we realised everyone was dressed up to go out and there was us dressed in our swimming things we'd had so much fun in the bar it was 8:00 aprox. when we left. The next night my husband had a cocktail and it was soo nice we all ended up drinking it. I recommened you try this bar out with great drinks, servce and atmosphere you'll regret it if you miss it.

Julia F          10/10

Just wow. I must say that Captain's Bar is the best bar in Skala. It was so lively and if it hadn't been for Nikos (a local) me and my friend wouldnt have gone!

The cocktails were absolutly amazing! The longest sex on the beach I've ever had brillitan music and amazing atmosphere.
I'm planning to go back to Skala next year and will be at Captain's Bar every night  

Nicola W          10/10

Well, you obviously didnt go to the same Captains bar! Ive been to Skala 6 times now, and know tina, theo and andreas really well and class them as my friends. They are the nicest people and keep in touch with me during the winter. They are always so genuinly friendly not fake. You must have not caught them on a good night. Theo wouldnt have been trying to get anything from you, he's a lovely guy, and the cocktails are definitely not spiked. This year it was my birthday and they bought me a cake with my name on it. Have to say I dont really kow George that well as he's only just started there this season but he seems lovely. Also there are always loadsa locals there so you're obviously mistaken. I was with lots of them while i was there! Also, ask yourself why Simon Pegg invited Theo and Tina to the premier of Hot Fuzz when he could have invited anyone, if theyre not nice people. So,  if you go back to Skala, give them another chance yeah?

Lisa S          8/10

 I have recently returned from a week in Skala where my friends and I spent most evenings in Captains bar. Although it was towards the end of the season and a bit quiet, Captains always gave us a good night. Monica, Tina and Andreas (AKA Ben Stiller!) are all lovely people and a good laugh. Great selection of cocktails and very long straws to drink them through! I would definately recommend going there.

Lydia H          9/10

When in Skala you must go and visit The Captain's Bar!
Monica makes the most fantastic cocktails! So many to try! (Dont get too Tipsey)

The music is excellent, a great selection.
All the staff are very friendly and the prices are reasonable.

Well worth going!

Sabi A           

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Really great bar with very friendly people, good music and excellent coctails. We enjoyed especially Captain's Special and Tequila Sunrise. Thanks to Monica, Theo, Tina and Andreas  for making our time.

Linda and andy V           

Wow wat can i say ,had part of my stag nite in here cocktails strong,as far as we can remember that is,i do remember Russel standing on the table in order to reach the top of the strawwould like to do it all over again instead of working.


Great place for a night out , good cocktails and great music , monica was a great host , well worth a visit  !!!!!!!!

Katrina H           

me and my best mate kat went to the captains bar every night, what a friendly and welcoming bar. monica, tina and the guys are lovely and cant wait to see them all next year. the music and  amazing cocktails are spot on, brilliant place to go.

Rob P           

Had some cracking cocktails off Monica and Tina.  Having watched Monica make them there was about a pint of spirits in each!

If its good enough for Simon Pegg its good enough for you.

Bev D           

We have just returned from a fortnight in Skala and Captains Bar  is by far the best cocktail bar there!Highly recommended are:Hawian Breeze and English Man in Skala.Take your camera for a piccie with the best tasting,most highly decorated cocktails you will ever see!!!!Brilliant music and friendly staff too!!!

Tina S           

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Hi Monica and Tina

Just a message to say thanks for a great time, we have just returned from 2 weeks in Skala, had brilliant time in your bar, you were all so friendly and so much fun. Cocktails were" Luverly Jubberly" and service was great. We feel we have made some new friends and thank you very mcuh for making us feel special.
See you again soon we hope!!
Recommend this bar to be the best and liveliest in Skala. Go and have fun!!
Thanks again
Tina, Paul.Sandie and Gary(Bambino)XXX    

Steven K           

We stayed in the captains house / hotel but found this to be a very unsuitable place for a young couple as had no pool or food or anything for young people its seems more geared up for older couples & we found this to be a very boring resort & spent most of out time in the resorts olong the beach front. The bar pride themselves on being the best bar in Skala & say they do the best cocktails but they do the biggist & fanciest but not the best as we found the Scandanvina bar / restaurant which the staff were far more friendly & the cocktails <done by Micheal barman> were stronger & nicer & done all types of food & late entertainment till approx half 3ish.

will not be staying there when i go back

Lynne C           

I visited Scala last year with my little sister and my boyfriend, we always ventured out for some nightlife and found a really good, friendly atmosphere at the Captains Bar.  I am returning to Scala in October of this year with all of my family, it will be my parents first time abroad.  I can't think of a nicer place to take them to be made welcome.

Robert W           

this is the address for their web site to denise norris you can contact them via this!


Chris S           

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Captains Bar From The Street

Ray W           

As like everyone else - great music, drinks, atmosphere and sit under the stars.

Chris S           

Just Back July 2005

Absoutley, positively the best bar in Scala, nee kidding! Very good atmosphere and as lively as you want without being in your face! Nice cocktails if that's your thing, and the beer on draft ain't a bad drop neither!
You can even win a Jug on a Wednesday night lottery! (Not sure you'd want it though!)
If your going to Scala, get yourself in!

Denise N

Has anyone got the emial address for the captains bar please or do you know where I can get it. Thanks

John & marie P           

click to enlargeclick to enlarge Gotta be the best bar in Skala.  Loads of atmosphere, it's ELECTRIC.  Tina and Monica work like mad to please everyone, and they do.  If your going to Skala, you have gotta go to the CAPTAINS BAR.