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Suze M

It's always a shame to write negative comments however, I feel that on this occasion it is necessary. My family and I have just returned from a fantastic 2 week holiday to Sami where we ate out most nights. Having tried a number of restaurants along the harbour front we one night found ourselves at Adonis. When we asked the owner what makes his restaurant better than the others he replies "the service". We were sold on this and took a table for 5. So far so good, orders taken and drinks delivered. Starters came soon after which is when unfortunately things went rapidly down hill!!! We had only just started our stuffed vine leaves and grilled cheese when to our dismay the main courses arrived. When we advised the server we were not ready she left them on the table next to us!! Consequently when we were ready the meals were cold!!! We again advised the server who just stood there as if to say it's not my fault. Eventually the meals were returned to the kitchen and half an hour later brought back to us and practically thrown in front of us by which time we had lost our appetite!!!!!! The food was just OK with 2 people on Mousaka which was dry and a chicken parmesan which was bland and tough!! So to say they pride themselves on service I have to say on this occasion they did not deliver and 5 very unhappy customers left their restaurant./rte/cry.gif

Clare W          10/10

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This place was amazing hosted my Wedding Reception and did a fantastic job!! Food was incredible and staff were superb too! Well done Eva hope to get back to see you soon! Clare and Dave xx

Martin G          9/10

Great food; onl;y one we used in Sami
Waiters excellent and english speaking cook does interesting own salad

Martin W          10/10

Great place only one we used and  they are very freindly