Contessina Restaurant

Restaurants in Sami

Mike Grigiriadis          10/10

the best restaurant in Sami! There you will find the best pizza and many traditional Greek dishes! has a very good service and the staff are very friendly.! the prices are good about 13 euros a person in main dishes, appetizers and drink

Anastasia Grhgoratou

click to enlargethe taste is personal!!!!!!!!!!!but we thank you for your comments !!!!now we can be better

Dee D          2/10

Very disappointing. Despite the staff being friendly, the food was very disappointing for the price. It was as if they restaurant has put no effort whatsoever into their meals, and were just slopped on a plate carelessly.

David B          3/10

we ate here on the first night of our holiday and not again. the food was most disappointing and well below the standard for the area. It was priced competitively but was far short of the quality of others. my partner ordered a mushroom risotto, which when it was served, turned out to be just long grain rice!!

Despite the food quality being low, there was a local group of men sitting in the resaurant playing their instruments and singing along. This was the only restaurant that had live music, which was a perk.