Zervati Fish Taverna

Restaurants in Sami

Paul L          1/10

Greek food is great. But don't go to Taverna Zervati in Karavomilos. They pretend to be a fish taverna. My shrimps were completely overcooked. Tasted like a spoon of starch. What a pity. A bad experience can happen of course when you like to try new restaurants each day. The family's doughter started defending herself immediately. The fish is fresh, we never have complaints, bla, bla, bla (there was no one else in the restaurant?). Not realizing that fresh fish which is served completely overcooked is still not tasty. When asking for the bill the lady wanted us to pay for the burned shrimps because we took two bites from two of the five shrimps. How silly. Zervati, please solve problems in a customer friendly way. If you burn the food, take responsibility, solve it and keep your customer happy! Nevertheless, I'm still a huge fan of Greek food. I've had 20 great dinners, only 1 disaster-dinner at Zervati. Go somewhere else.