Petros Studios

Accommodation in Poros

Åse-lill M

Petros Studios is a small en very nice hotel. The owner,Memi, is very nice. The room was clean and it was very good value for the price. She took her own car to take me to the ferry. Next time I come I will stay there much longer.

Andy P           

We arrived and were quite gutted, toilet didn't work, and appartment was small - very small. But had a balcony. I think we just had a run of bad luck though, the toilet was fixed within a couple of days. The lady who helps run the place, dosen't speak a word of engligh, but I guess thats kind of nice. After we settled in, it was actually quite good, very close to the beach, close but not too close to the square (about 10minutes walk), so not noisy. I would probably try and stay somewhere else next time in Poros, but would go to Petros studios. Cleaner Every other day, and the appartments looked quite good and new. Basic bathroom. probably rate about 6/10.

Kate L

Hi, just wondering if you had any info about Petros apartments in Poros? Also, i would like to know if you could recommend any car hire companies as car hire is suggested. Thanks