Friderika Studios

Accommodation in Poros

Wendy N           

Friderika is 10-15 minutes walk from the centre of the resort, which can become a bit tedious, but it is quiet...except for that cockerel who is still going strong! He starts before sunrise and goes on all day... we were in the lowest storey so didn't really have much of a view, but then it's literally 100 yards from the water's edge, so we were happy! Yes, there is a swimming pool 5 minutes' walk away (it's right on the seafront, you can't miss it) which is free & open to all - assuming you buy a drink or something from the bar there. Incidentally we went with Golden Sun, booked it just a few weeks before going - found it on the internet.


We were more than pleased with our apartment in Friderika Studios; very clean and with a wonderful view of the sea from the balcony. However, such a view was not assured from all rooms. We appreciated the fact the studios were a 15 minute walk from the centre and the beach (just five minutes away) was therefore quiet. A rather over-zealous cockerel who started crowing way too early in the morning was the only problem we can report.

Ian W

We're going there in a couple of weeks so will ask around to see who is using the appts in 2003. Also - We've been told that there's a Swimming Pool available at the nearby appts - can anyone confirm this?

Vic H

how can i book friderika studios it was with golden sun holidays not in 2003 edition thank you

Vic H           

my wife and i stayed in friderika studios for the last two years very clean owners are lovely friendly people one point to make there is a gradiant at the side of the appartments but you do not have to used it there ars other ways about ten minutes walk from the centre we would like to go next year but cannot find it in any brochure can anyone help

Gavin S

Has anybody been to Friderika Studios in Poros? Any good things to say??? Any help appreciated.