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Magnolia Hotel provides 4 star luxury and comfort at reasonable room rates. We have 50 rooms modern rooms, that have just recently been designed and built. Each and every room has air conditioned comfort, the security of a safe, the convenience of access to wifi internet, and television. Spacious bathrooms with many amenities, Large balconies to enjoy the glorious weather that is Greece.

Clean rooms are not the option but are the norm. A beautiful pool awaits you in the center of the hotel, beyond simple beauty this pool is large and functional, as a kids pool is available. Easy access to a well stocked and stylish bar is just steps from the pool area; A few more steps and you will be enticed by the delicacies prepared at the rosebud bistro. The Rosebud Bistro is staffed by a trained Chef and his staff.

The amenities, facilities, and aesthetics of Magnolia Resort rival anything any other 4 star hotel may offer in the Mediterranean, what will set Magnolia apart for her guest is the attention given to customer care. The Stroutzas family has been in the boutique hotel business for over a decade, and has been in customer service for over 30 years. We want to make your stay pleasurable, and to leave you with great memories.
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Tel: +30 26710 81683
Addr: Katelios
Addr: Kefalonia Greece
moc.troserailongameht@ofni :liamE
Website: moc.troserailongameht.www

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