Sunset Studios - (Accommodation in Lourdas)

Jenny K           

Stunning, frankly. A pleasant surprise. Looked nbewly refurbished to me. Very clean and excellent views from the terrace. Bit of a hike from the beach (especially at the end of the day) but if you rent a car or scooter - no problem. Also, occasional bus service from Lurdas Beach. Very Nice.

Lourdas Beach - (Beaches in Kefalonia)

Jenny K           

Beautiful and clean. Small and not too crowded (in June) . Very nice man who rents the blue and white unbrellas and longers (gave us a free ride home twice and apricots from his garden!)Lovely - went here every day for a week

Doodles - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Jenny K  (25 June 2003)         

Very excellent food. We tried a few places, but kept coming back to this one. Friendly and quick service . The terrace is lovely and breezy - but don't sit too close to the lamps after dark or you get dive-bombed by moths. Lamb in a clay pot the highlight and the Baklava with vanilla ice cream! Yum