Bars in Lassi

Peter H          1/10

Just recently returned from Lassi having been going to Kefalonia now for a number of years. I and my partner visited this bar as always and unfortunately the attitude of the young lady this year (2013) left a sour taste to say the least. She made it quite obvious to us, for whatever reason, that she clearly had a problem with us being there. She made no attempt to engage in conversation as in previous years and made us feel extremely uncomfortable. Very disappointing as this is a nice place to relax and have a drink in the evening. Consequently we shall  NEVER set foot in the place again.

Michelle E          10/10

just spent a week in Lassi spent most evenings in Aquarius bar drinks were well priced and Rebecca always made sure you were served quickly very friendly family run bar well worth a visit..Michelle & Eric

Peter H          8/10

This bar is a nice place to relax before dinner. Run by Father and Daughter for many years, this was the cheapest (Draught Mythos Large 2.40 Euro's, Cocktails 4.50 Euro) in Lassi. Large TV screen for those who want to watch sport etc.

Peter and Tracey Holliman.

Julian F          9/10

Been to kefe 3 times now but always finish the night of in aquarius,more of a chilled out bar,great!!

Rosemarie S          10/10

Just back from two great weeks in Lassi and visited Aquarius most evenings.....lovely bar run by father and daughter...really friendly happy people....we'll be back!!

Peter G          10/10

just got back from kef.everday had a least 3 large mythos very well kept.250 euro or 230 euro between 8 & 10.staff very frendly.should sometimes give crisps as a chang to nuts 10 out of 10

Barry S          9/10

We have visited lassi/Fanari/Lakthra/Svoranata areas in all for 7 holidays .
We have allways spent time at the Aquarius bar. The atmosphere has allways been excellent, as long as you sit away from the tv screens, the staff are very friendly and glad to see old customers come back.