Paradiso Pool Bar

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Migs and susan F          10/10

Loved this pool bar!! Great prices and great drinks, no bad head the next day!!!! Demitri the owner is a lovely guy and makes everyone very welcome!! Went most nights here, would recomend to anyone!!!!


Preview Pool Bar is now Paradiso Pool Bar and is great! Dimitri and Vangeli are the two nicest barmen in the world! Dimitri's mum's burgers are the best in Kef and are well worth the walk down the Fanari Road for! Drinks are really cheap...and Vangeli will get you drunk!

Oh..and the pools not bad either!

Andrea O           

I visit the Preview Bar twice a year on my holidays spending all my time there and find everything excellent. It is interesting that the negative comments seem to originate from Greece. Is there an underlying reason for this I wonder? Is the competition too much for someone and foul play is going on? I would not waste my hard earnt money revisiting somewhere if there was a problem. The Preview is THE place to be.

Heather B           

Visited Kefalonia for first time and was knocked out by it, such a beautiful friendly place. Found a pool bar called Preview on the old Fanari Road, what a place to chill. If you want to relax and have a good time visit Panos, Rania & family you are made to feel so welcome.Have a beer or two, laze by the pool and enjoy the good food.I will return again.

Stef O           

well i have to disagree with some of the comments written about the preview. i have been to kefalonia 4 times previously in the last 2 years, with my family. the preview bar is the place where we spend all our time.
we have gotten to know panos, rania and the family and i dont believe that if you "complained politely" you would have been yelled and screamed at. i dont even think if you were rude about it you would have been screamed at. i think that certain people expect that places such as the preview should be like they are in england. but if that is what you are looking for, why not stay in england and go to a sea side resort?
the preview is without doubt one of the most accomodating places in kefalonia and you couldnt wish for better, friendlier staff. i will be returning to kefalonia on the 25th July and i can say withiut doubt, the preview will be the first place i visit!!

Andrea O           

I can't beleive the negative comments about the Preview bar what is wrong with you people. Did you get out of bed the wrong side? I have visited this bar many times with my family and and have never had any reason to complain. We have visited Kefalonia 5 times over the last two years stopping at the Metaxatos and other apartments but always spend our days and nights at the Preview. Rania and Panos are the perfect hosts nothing is too much trouble for them, we have always had excellent meals including the BBQ. The price of drinks were comparable with other bars in Lassi but the measures were more generous. Angelas Kefalonia meat pie has to be tasted to be believed as is all her cooking. At the Preview bar you get proper Greek food and hospitality which is why we keep returning. We will be there again July 25 2004 and the Preveiw will be the first port of call. Please don't be put off by peoples comments try it for yourself and you will see what I and many other people think. Ask to see the visitors book at the bar and read the comments it will speak for itself!

Keith & debbie I           

hi pannos you good looking b*****d, ihope you are reading this, just like to say to anyone who as not yet ventured to the preview bar you are missing the best evening out in lassi. ended up back there every night for two weeks and a lot of them turned into mornings, sorry we kept you up so late you no we are in scala next october i will try to drive down to see you. anyway steve and kelly send there love,thanks for making our holiday love to all the family hope to be out there permanently one day. lots of love keith & debbie

Andrea O           

I have returned to the PREVIEW POOL BAR once again. It is like a magnet to me and my family. Panos as usual was the HOST with the MOST a fantastic humorous and special man. Panos's family are just as special, all guests are given the same watm welcome, an ace palce to chill out. There are always new people to meet and have fun with I can't describe the atmosphere you have to go there to experience it. Panos serves a mean bacardi & coke and unlike some of the bars in Lassi the drinks remain the same price all night and the same measure.If you get the chance to sample Angela's cooking on the Kefalonia night or BBQ night DO IT the taste is out of this world. As always love you loads and I will see you 2004.

Kate W           

Me and my mum stayed in the Metaxatos apartments and we would finish the evening off at the Preview Bar chatting to folk and listening to Panos' choice of music (a lot to be desired - a lot of laughs were had over this). Panos and everybody were friendly, we even met Mick Ogden and family there(a few comments down)so people do go back and so will we next year.
If you stay in Lassi make it a must to go here, it's on the Fanari road on the way to Oskars.

Colin F           

Sept 03 just returned from staying in the Metaxatos appartments which are excellent with stunning views across the bay and the Preview Bar is located on the complex, Always started and ended the night with Panos had some great and very late nights meet some great peolple and "Panos" and famiy who run the bar are the best,booked it as a late deal but can't wait to go back to "Panos's" chill out music.Can highly recommend this great bar day or night, go to the Friday BBQ.

Michele S           

As my mate Panos would say "very very nice". If you are in Kefalonia for a day, a week or a month you must visit Panos and Rania. Great family, great people, a great bar. The bar is suitable for children and adults, great food, drink and service. Panos & family, thanks for a great holiday.

Rosanna M           

The best bar in Kefalonia, really recommend it. Panos, Rania and family are fantastic hosts. It boasts fantastic views of Lixouri. Atmosphere is great! Very clean pool which is open to all. Must try Panos's cocktails...what can i say!! The bar and pool is suitable for all. A definite must for day and night. Panos - thanks for making our holiday our home!

Gary P

My wife, myself and our 3 children (ages 15, 13, and 11) have just booked a 2 week holiday at the Metaxatos Apartments thru Mark at Instant Holidays. As the apartments are an 'extra' to the brochure that he holds, no accurate details are available to us at the present time. Any information regarding the facilities available and surrounding areas would be most gratefully received.

Gary P           

My wife, myself and our 3 children have just booked a holiday at the Metaxatos Apartments through Instant Holidays (Mark) and would very much appreciate any information about the facilities and surrounding areas as no such details are available to us at the present time.

Marianna M           

Preview Pool Bar operates in the METAXATOS Apts premises, and sincee you are propably aware that JMC has cancelled the contract they had with Metaxatos for the summer 2003, I want to let you know that:
Preview will operate just the same looking forward meeting all the old friends and welcoming new people.
Metaxatos Apts will also operate by their own and you can book directly to them.

Mick O           

To all friends of the Preview Pool Bar and the Metaxatos Apartments, you may or may not be aware that JMC have cancelled their contract with the Apartments for 2003.
However it is business as usual at the Preview Pool Bar and Panos will welcome all friends both old and new regardless of where you are staying.
Lets make 2003 a season to remember for Panos.
If anybody has more information or needs more information please don't hesitate to contact me.

Emma P           

This was by far the best place on the island we have been 3 times and stayed here every time and this time was great! Panos is a great laugh and makes your holiday memorable. I really recommend it

Mike H           

smashing bar,Panos areally nice host ,made you feel welcome,i had a seven year old daughter,a 35 year old wife and a sixty something mother in law for company and they all fell for Panos,s charms , i think they would have all done Shirly Valentines if they had had the chance,food and drink excellent.....................

Morgan S           

In the last year I have visited Lassi twice and have spent the majority of my time at the Preview Bar. Panos provides a lot of the entertainment through the week with his humour and stories and on Friday (the BBQ night) he has Greek dancers and a raffle to entertain you (last year we won the dolphin plaque). A great place for families, couples and people travelling solo! Panos' family also adds to the enjoyment of it all including his dad,Stellios and mum,Angelina and sister Rainia. Also is his brother, Nick along with Panos (for the girls)! I'm going back in May and i know it will be more enjoyable than the last!!

Martin P           

Panos was the main man, absolutley fabulous time had by me and the fiancee. Couldn't ask for a better place to visit Panos and his family were wonderful hosts all round

Lorna M           

We stayed in the Metaxatos apts. adjacent to the Preview bar and it felt like our own private club! A typical day...start with a leisurely swim in the pool,then a wonderful breakfast,then perhaps a spot of sunbathing whilst reading that book you'd saved for the holiday.In the afternoon just enough energy left to watch the kids playing in the pool before that post lunch snooze.How about a late afternoon walk down to the beach then back to the Preview for pre-dinner drinks as you watch the most spectacular sunset?..........when can we go back?

Adrian M           

Stayed at the Metaxatos appartments next to the Preview Bar for the second time. We don't normally go back to the same place - but trust us - you can't NOT go back here! Superb music & atmosphere, great hosts (Panos & Rania) and a location to die for - The view from the Preview bar & attached pool is breathtaking !!! No other bar in Lassi has so much to offer.

Mick O           

We first went to Lassi in May 2002 and we stayed at the Metaxatos Apts. We went to the Preview and loved it. Panos and his family are a rarity these days being so friendly and welcoming. We enjoyed it that much that we vowed to return. Fortunately we were able to return in October 2002 and it was just as though we had never left. Panos is now like a brother to me and after reading the comments book on the Bar and the comments on this Website I believe a lot more people feel the same way. Myself and my Wife and Daughter are returning to Lassi and the Metaxatos in May 2003 and we can't wait to see Panos and his family again.

Hayley F           

We found the Preview Bar on the first night of our holiday (back in August) and continued to go there every night after..... Panos made us feel very welcome, especially with his generous measures of ursus..... hic! A very friendly place, made special by Panos and his family.

Alison W           

we stayed at the Metaxatos Apartments attached to the Preview Bar so first time we went in there it was more for convenience than anything else, but it was so friendly we went there every evening. Panos and his father have made a lot of alterations since we first saw it in 2001 and is now even better for just chilling out and relaxing - sitting by the pool, with great views out over the bay and the friday night barbecue is legendary....Can't wait to come back Panos.