Ozzeys Bar

Bars in Lassi

Trevor O          6/10

Went to Kefalonia June 2008 stayed at Jenny Studios next to Ozzeys Bar the few times we went in the bar we found the staff were friendly enough but the price of the drinks would vary on each occasion. The views from the bar are brilliant, other than that its not so thrilling, won't be going back their again .

Tricia S          10/10

Ozzie's bar at the foot of the hill near Lassi Hotel is a supermarket and bar and restaurant.
Go upstairs for beautiful view and a drink !!!!
Supermarket owned and run by one family and sometimes you need to ring the bell if they're upstairs running the bar. Not well advertised but competative prices in shop and restaurant and bar. Food is gorgeous !!! all homemade. they do specials in the week - BBQ and greek food nights. Well worth calling in. Really friendly and helpful.

Dawn P          10/10

Ozzeys bar was brilliant.  Went to Kefalonia in Sept 06 but unfortunately could not make it back this year.  Ozzeys bar was run by Ozzey and Gerry and they were fantastic people, the scenery was perfect and you could see across to Lixouri.  Gerry if you read this please e-mail me dawn1603@hotmail.co.uk