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Xouras offers an atmosphere for relaxation at PETANI BEACH.

Reading a book the newspaper
A game backgammon
Ouzo with titbit
Relaxing music
A game bridge
A quiet breakfast by the ocean

With your swim, you can enjoy your coffee or slushy on the beach. Relaxed on a sun bed with umbrella. We have a bar that offers those that wish to worship the sun.

For those that want to make day-long excursion, and satisfy sun and shade, we have a large variety foods that will satisfy you. Titbits, Homemade lunches and Dinners, Fresh fish, Grilled Meats. and light Breakfasts, toasty and omelettes. Our foods contain local olive oil, oregano, local wine and meat. All cooked with local recipes.

Contact Details for Xouras

Tel: 26710.97128
Contact: DEENA
rg.ni@inatep :liamE

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