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Oinopolis is a compound word. It consists of polis + inos,which mean city+wine in ancient Greek respectively,i.e city of wine.
Oinopolis restaurant is situated at the village of Vlahata,on the main road going down to Lourdas beach (next to Foreign Press).

It is a new , luxurious tavern with a wonderful veranda. The view is panoramic and includes the entire gulf of Lourdas and the coast of Leivathos as far as the cape of Liakas, whereas one can make out the northern coast of Zante in the distance.

Our experience is long, as we had been running Oinopolis at a different location for about 10 years.
Basically we serve greek dishes, but foreign ones exist as well.Our specialties are grilled meat (the meat is always local and fresh),fresh fish and sea-food(molluscs,shell-fish,etcc). Lamb and pig on the spit are served on Fridays.
Furthermore,apart from other varieties of wine,we offer the traditional Kefallonian wineRobola,which we produce from our vineyards.

Our prices are reasonable.We are looking forward to seeing you!

Contact Details for Inopolis Restaurant

Tel: 0030-26710-31667
Contact: Hlias Andreatos
Addr: Lourdas Kefalonia
Addr: Main Road, Next to foreign press
rg.oohay@tnaruatser_siloponi :liamE

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