Marketos Studios - (Accommodation in Svoronata)

Mandy F           

have just returned from our second stay with the marketos family.

yet again had a great time. voula and her family are the perfect hosts and look after all of the guests and make you feel welcome. looking forward to next year already 

Angelica Apartments - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Amanda F           

have just returned and must say these are not the best apartments we have stayed in they are very basic.  the steep hill in the broucher is an under statment. the owner has to collect you from the main road when you coach drops you of as there is no way you could walk with your cases.we hired a car the morning after as did most of the other people staying the same week. we stayed in room 2 which didnt get any sun at any time of the day, not that the week in oct we were there had much sun.

October - (Best Time to Visit)

Amanda F           

stayed in lassi 14th oct for a week. weather during the day ok when the sun was out but we did not have a lot of good days... i was not prep for how cold the nights would be. as most bars ect are set up for eating out side it was hard to get warm and stay warm while out...we did speak to people who had been before in oct and they said it was alot colder that normal. found alot of bars and restuarnts had alredy closed but could easily drive to argostoli for a bigger selection.  if you do visit in oct pack an extra jumper to be on the safe side