Angelica Apartments - (Accommodation in Lassi)

John A

My wife and i stayed  here ten years and they haven't changed at all. They are basic, but clean and well maintained. There is a swimming pool about 30 feet away and its pretty good for beer, coffee, tea and snacks etc. We had no complaints.

Trendis Bar - (Bars in Lassi)

John A          9/10

Good bar this one. Plenty of room inside and out, lots of brick, wood, plants and model aeroplanes, even a few model motorbikes. Benny the barman makes good coktails and even throws bottles about to prove it. My wife and i like an ouzo and sprite and this was the only bar in the resort that had the real thing. Mythos beer was 2.50 Euros a pint, an ouzo and sprite 3 Euros and cocktails 5 Euros, all are real good measures. Well worth a visit or two.

Da Veronica - (Restaurants in Lassi)

John A          10/10

About the best eating place in the resort. Not much authentic food about in all the eateries here, but in Da Veronica ask Yiannis ( who has a passing resemblance to Mr Spock ) and he'll recommend something of what you'd expect to eat in Greece. Beef stifado was really good. Local wine good too, especially the red. Service is fine too, sit down ,relax, chat with Yiannis and Christos, enjoy the meal and take your time, your on holiday, theres no hurry.