Eleana Apartments - (Accommodation in Skala)

Chris B          10/10

Hi this was the third time that we stayed at the Eleanna in four years and the accommodation was excellent as on all previous ocassions.  The apartments are kept extremely clean with the maids coming in every day.  The rooms are spacious and well maintained.

The pool is ideal for relaxing around all day, as for the grumpy old men behind the bar where were they ?  One of them I remember from 4 years ago and he was as nice as could be, very polite with Good morning Sir, Thank you Sir every time we visited the pool and bar etc.. The other one, the cook was just as friendly.  I think that if the holiday makers are rude or disrespectful of the rules of the accommodation and facilities provided then they may find that they are not so welcoming towards you.
The pool as always was exceptionally clean and there was no problem whatsoever in children going in with T-shirts on any time of the day.  The ruling of having no lilo's etc in the pool was taken a couple of years ago as many "brit's"  decided to fill the pool with all manners of lilo's, boat's and other inflatables so that people were unable to go and have a swim. 
The prices at the pool bar for drinks and snacks were in keeping with everywhere else as was the cost of the air conditioning.  I think to be fair though that in countries where air con is necessary it should already be built into the holiday package.
All in all you will struggle to find a better holiday accommodation than the Eleanna in Skala.
We will certainly be going back.!

Gourgouris Grill - (Restaurants in Skala)

Chris B          9/10

We ate here most nights of our holiday and were never disappointed once.  Having tried many of the other restaurants in the main street previously we found them to be very bland and in the main not very welcoming and hospitable not like Gourgouris at all.

This is a small traditional taverna that is situated about 100 yards along from Pefanis car hire and opposite the Lotto shop just across from the Kiosk.  It is used by many of the locals and is run by a very friendly couple.  The food is very tasty with all kinds of meat dishes available.  I had on one occassion the lamb chops which were fantastic which consisted of 6! lamb chops pitta bread salad and chips for about 7 euros.  Another time I had the meat variety which was also very good consisting of Village Sausage, Souvlaki, Lamb, Pitta Bread, Giros, Salad etc.. again for about 7 euros.  Adults and children alike were commenting on how good the quality of food and service was, you were never rushed at all and it was a pleasure to dine here.
You can also just get a snack to take away if you required the pitta souvlaki's were extremely good.

Veto Bar - (Bars in Skala)

Chris B          9/10

The best place to have an after dinner drink or any time of the day come to think of it!  

The selection of drinks available were astounding from continental beers ro cocktails fruit punches etc.  We spent many evenings in Veto's drinking and people watching!  The staff are all very friendly and have time to talk to you too which is always welcome. 
A great place to meet new friends in the evening and the music wasn't too bad either.