La Mer Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)


I ate here on the first night of my hols because the welcome drink with the Olympic rep was here, it was fine, nothing special but i only had a Greek salad! I met other people who had eaten hot meals there and their comments varied so widely i'm not sure if they ate in the same restaurant!!! The staff were friendly enough and it was fairly cheap, nothing to make me go back though.

Casa de Blue Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)


Ok, the food was nice, greek pizza and Greek salad, but the complimentary wine we were given when we asked for the bill could strip cars!!! When we asked for the bill the second time the waiter cheerfully told us it had missed its flight and would be back soon??????? Eventually i braved the bar area to again request the bill and was letched at by the owner, who letches quite alot, on the beach, in the street, when you sit down to eat, we noticed that being in a couple does nothing to deter him!!!!! On the whole this place was average, gave us a laugh though!

Sunbird - (Car Rental in Kefalonia)


I didn't actually hire a bike or a car BUT i did spend a couple of hours in this shop talking to Tasos who between serving and haggling with the customers taught me a little Greek. What an absolute diamond, from what i heard he will get you a car at short notice, give the best deal around, deliver to your hotel or apartment if necessary and make a lovely cup of frappe while you wait!!
He also gives great tips on places of interest and can help you to book excursions for a good price, bloody top bloke.

Doodles - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Catwoman   (11 October 2003)         

Attentive, all male staff who seemed to give slightly better service if you are female! Lovely food served on the lovely, slighly windy, but still lovely terrace, over three different evenings had pizza, pasta, salads and fish all were really good, house wine was more drinkable than some other restaurants but still fairly crap, next time will pay more and stop being a cheapskate!!! I too saw Danny!! Slightly expensive is only real whinge here.
Spiros next door is excellent but cant find section for it, really busy all the time but welcoming and they always seem to remember you.

Astra Bar - (Bars in Lourdas)


Aaah Astra bar, this place made my holiday, everybody keeps mentioning the lovely Claudia so i will too, she is lovely and busy and attentive and slightly mad!!! Oh and pretty, Claudia appears to remember nearly everyone on the islands drink which can lead to intoxication much quicker than usual or maybe thats the incredibly strong cocktails made by the gorgeous Makis?! both of the staff in this bar made my holiday great and my sister, me and assorted new friends had great fun trying out new drinks, checking out the local blokes and learning lots of interesting greek words and phrases, none of which i can write here!! AND i would just like to say to all the people complaining about the prices in this bar, GET A LIFE, its not expensive unless you are comparing it to bars in the sixties!!!!! A typical cocktail in london with probably half the spirits costs about 8.50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so there!