Casa De Blu Studios - (Accommodation in Lourdas)

Kevin R           


The apartments were extemely dirty and cleaned only once during our stay of two weeks. The rubbish was taken out very infrequently too (every third or fourth day).

The swimming pool was dirty and not cleaned while we were there.

We got around 3 hours sleep per night due to the noise of dogs barking (the owner did nothing to stop them when we complained).

The following incident highlighted Casa de Blue's owner as being on the verge of lunacy. The man is a psychopath... At about midnight, I heard the screams of a woman coming from the street below the apartment. I immediately went to her aid (as did several other men from various locations) and found that it was our chambermaid. She was absolutely hysterical and was being restrained against her will by the owner of "Casa de Blue". Upon seeing me, the owner released her and she ran screaming towards me, saying that he had threatened her with a chair and that he would not pay her final wages (she was leaving the next day). Apparently he had asked her to sign something in Greek, which she did not understand (I believe she is Estonian). I asked them both to calm down and said that we should all go into the downstairs café at Casa de Blue to work things out and perhaps call the police. We all walked to the café (the owner Marinos, myself, the chambermaid and another couple from the downstairs apartment and several other English people). The owner was absolutely frantic and barely containing his anger. Eventually we got to the café and everyone sat down. After several tearful and fearful minutes, she calmed down. Marinos did not, however. Eventually we managed to persuade him in an extremely calm manner to pay her what was owed and she signed a statement to the effect "I **** have been given the sum of 450 Euros by Marinos". My girlfriend and another girl then walked her to a house where she knew she would be safe (away from Marinos) and then returned. She said to my girlfriend on the way that we should not call the police as Marinos would become even more psychotic and probably do us all harm. We believed her. At this point, when everything seemed to be settled, I went to shake Marinos' hand to signal that I thought he had done the right thing, then Marinos grabbed hold of my hand and squeezed it extremely hard. He then pulled me forward, pushed me backwards several times, swung me into a table, pushed me against the wall, pulled my arm around my head and got me in a head-lock. He then released me, grinning all the while. His two waiters looked pleased to see me in pain. The other couple heard the commotion and came running again, and witnessed this occurring, as did my girlfriend. We left immediately and went to our room. As soon as we saw out rep the next day, we informed him of the incident and filled out an incident form. I have to say that the First Choice rep Jeff was absolutely brilliant and tried to help all he could. However he could not get us moved to another hotel, and that is what we really wanted. Also, my shoulders and the left-hand side of my neck were extremely painful. After being told that we could not be moved, we were extremely worried. The owner was extremely menacing, as were his two waiters. We basically stayed in the room for the rest of the holiday (when we were at Casa de Blue) and kept all the windows and doors shut at night with a wedge under the front door. We were basically very scared to be in the place and around Marinos. This really affected our holiday in a terrible way.

Casa de Blue Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Kevin R           

The food was terrible so was the service. We ate there on our first night as we were staying at the Casa De Blue apartments and never went back.

Don't even bother eating here. La Mer, just down the road is much nicer and you don't get a free fly with your meal as I did!