Elpida Studios - (Accommodation in Trapezaki)

Sharon B           

Have just returned from Elpida and the studios were very nice - clean, although not airconditioned so it got pretty hot. There was a mesh screen to pull down at night so you could leave the shutters open. Good location, lovely views - Q a walk to the beach (20 mins to Trapezaki- longer coming back uphill!). Cleaned twice a week. Towels were provided. Nice and quiet but there was a little building work going on nearby (not enough to spoil anything and they left after a few days!)

Dianas - (Restaurants in Trapezaki)

Sharon B  (15 June 2003)         

V friendly - try the baked fish which was delicious. Greek night and Serenada nights there too.

Trapezaki Beach - (Beaches in Kefalonia)

Sharon B           

great beach . only one taverna - Dennis's to get your lunch although there was a beach hut thing which was being built when we were there which may sell drinks and snacks eventually. Must go to St Thomas beach which you can walk to if you pass by the back of the Trapezaki Bay Hotel/front of the Villa Rosa. there's a car wide dirt track which takes you (after about 10 mins) to a normal road, turn left on to it and it leads down all the way to the beach. There are a couple of cafes and you can hire sunbeds on the second cove of the beach for 8 euros. Do try the restaurant at the Trapezaki Bay Hotel too in the evenings - it's open to non residents (but the hotel does not accept kids as residents so not sure about the restaurant) and is very good value and great food/hosts!

Lourdas Beach - (Beaches in Kefalonia)

Sharon B           

Trapezaki beach is much better with fewer people and nicer sand..were not v impressed with Lourdas..seemed a bit messy and more litter etc