Lassi Hotel - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Burt L           

Went here last year, booked it a year in advance and paid for a sea view. Upon arrival we were allocated to a ground floor room with what could only be described as a massive pile of old bricks and building materials as our view - which was also inland. Had to spend the 2 weeks in there - rep just kept telling us there were no other rooms available.
Also thought apartment was dirty and quite scruffy to be honest.

Complained and got fifty quid back - though originally paid 30 for the sea view!

So Simple - (Bars in Lassi)

Clare O           

Just arrived back from Lassi June 2003. Had a lovely holiday apart from our visit to So Simple. First time we went we were overcharged for our drinks. On our second visit we decided to go for cocktails - these were not cocktails they were watery fruit drinks! We complained to waitress who took drinks back to bar. We were thinking to ourselves that the drinks may come back that strong we may not even be able to drink them - that was not the case, they were exactley the same watery fruit juice. We only paid 24 euros for 4 watery juices. Do not go to So Simple. Sunset bar/restaurant are the best cocktails.