Dum Spiros Spero

Restaurants in Svoronata

Claire O'neill          10/10

This was the oasis we were looking for when we first arrived, highly recommend any of the meze, with a cold beer and such friendly service it was the perfect start to our holiday. Spiros and all of the staff take great care to ensure that you are well looked after and we ate there a number of times - all meals were fantastic and I especially enjoyed the rabbit dish. Beautiful light cakes to end the meal, genuinely friendly people and great atmosphere - loved the Greek music which was playing in the background - a genuinely Greek taverna. Thank you so much and we hope to see you again soon!!

Graham C          9/10

The Dum Spiros I know is in Svoronata. It is a very good taverna, with plenty of good quality food, excellent service even at the busy times of the season. We have also benefited from their generous hospitality with house compliments home made sweet.....

Wonderful at lunchtimes too for a light salad and cooling drink.

David W           

Much the same as last year but on average 14 euros ( 10) more expensive than Fois and lower quality

John M           

The stiffardo is the best as is the meatballs.
Don't touch the white wine (crap)the red is not to bad at all


what a shock! me and my family are going to a wedding in september on kefalonia! They are a lovely couple, maybe we will bump into you? hope you find somewhere good to eat!

Francesca E           

I am getting married in Kefalonia in September. Just wondering if there are any restaurants in Svoronata that would be suitable to hold our reception. We're looking for a somewhere that will suit all age groups. Also does anyone know anything about Argostoli Old Theatre? As that is where our ceremony is being held, but know little about it.

Mike S           

not the best in town

Helen +           

We ate here several times - the service was good and the people friendly. The Kefalonian Meat and the Moussaka were delicious. just loved the freebie sweets!! It's got to be worth a try!!

Dave W           

Just got back from Kef. Had some great meals at Spiros. Wouldn't do the fried squid again, but you don't know till you try! Great service, very friendly staff, would definately go back.

Helen E           

Sorry but I forgot to mention the free hazelnut cake which is very nice

Helen E           

This was a nice restaurant but the food wasn't really special. Most of it's ok but don't have the kleftiko or the steam baked lamb. Nice people, good service and a good price

Laura N           

Very friendly and welcoming staff even though the head waiter had a weird haircut!! Food was great, would recommend mousakka(stuffed aubergine with mince with cheese on top), the carbonara and lasagne was also excellent!

Mark H           

By far the best in the area, even if marginally more expensive than Porto Helis. The squid is easily the best I have eaten ANYWHERE and everything else was superb. Free desserts are fine IF you can actually fit anything else inside you after your starter and main courses. Highly recommended.

Henry P           

The best of a bad lot in this area. If eating out is an important part of your holiday Kefalonia is not for you. Rabbit Kef style was excellent as was squid and chicken. Local lamb dish was greasy and horrid. Nice to get baked potato option. Lovely people nice cheap local wine. Always got a free pudding, very nice. The waitress is a cutie.

Maria S           

We ate here on the last night of our holiday, and after a 45 minute walk we were really pleased to get there. The service was fantastic, Spiros and a young lady who was also serving were really polite, attentive and really made the evening enjoyable. It was by far the busiest restaurant in the area but offered the best service by far! The food was really good, I strongly recommend the squid for starters!! Only wish we'd have found it earlier, it was certainly worth the walk!

Grant W           

Just returned from a week in Svoranata and visited Dum Spiros Spero most days. The meals were excellent and the service first class. Prices no different from other tavernas but the food was freshly cooked, well presented and tasted great. Owner, son and other staff extremely polite, caring and friendly. What more could you ask for!

Angie C           

In our oppinion the best taverna in svoronata.Excellent food and friendly service.

Jacqueline K           

A great choice of Greek cuisine and very nicely cooked. The staff are very welcoming and the service was good.

Anthony R           

A Restaurant that serves a superb selection of traditional Kefalonian dishes,I highly recommend it.......excellent.