Envita Apartments - (Accommodation in Svoronata)

Helen +  (08 September 2003)         

Just come back from a two week Holiday in August/September and had an excellent time. But..........every holiday has its moaners!! we had two moaners who complained about everything. One family expected a microwave and oven - but please!! this is Greece!! You get what you pay for - if you want the best - go and stay at the Hilton. They reckoned their apartment was smelly with mould under the sink - but the same family never seemed to leave their apartment - so it can't have been that bad!!
The other moaner likened the Evita to Camp X-ray!! to incoming punters before they even entered their apartments - which we think was very unfair.
The owner (Makis) and his family were very pleasant and helpful - Costas -his son introduced himself on the first day - shook our hands and said if you have any problems -just let us know. This welcome was extended to everybody we saw that came to the Evita, but sadly there will always be someone who would rather moan about a place, rather than actually going and talking to the people who can sort it.
The bar hours were at best! greek hours - you know the kind - maybe we're open maybe we're not! But during our first week we had the pool to ourselves most of the time and Costas would pop down and ask if we wanted anything from the bar. During our second week when there were more people around the pool- Costas would open the Bar at around 11 and shut at 5 and then reopen two hours or so later until the early hours of the morning. Costas was always happy to make toasties - whatever the time and we were more than willing to test his cocktail shots - which came at frequent intervals and were always on the house! Yammas!
The pool was kept spotlessly clean - thanks to Makis - who was up at the crack of the dawn everyday. Makis showed his willingness to help guests at anytime - even opening the mini market late at night for water and ciggies. If you needed a taxi - Makis would sort it for it you.
Tavernas and restaurants are within walking distance. Expect at least a 20 minute walk to the nearest, but with the surrounding scenery it did'nt seem to take that long as we kept stopping to take in the views. Don't forget your torch if you intend to walk back under the stars!!
The surrounding area is quite beautiful, and there are sea views to be had in one direction and rugged, hilly, mountainous scenery in others.
The family pet dogs were well cared for and very friendly and the two moggies Saddam and Schnapps provided regular entertainment with their playful antics of hide and seek. All in all, the Evita provided everthing we wished for - a quiet, relaxing peaceful holiday. Can't wait till we go back!!

Dum Spiros Spero - (Restaurants in Svoronata)

Helen +           

We ate here several times - the service was good and the people friendly. The Kefalonian Meat and the Moussaka were delicious. just loved the freebie sweets!! It's got to be worth a try!!

Blue Horizon Hotel - (Accommodation in Svoronata)

Helen +           

We did not stay here but the retaurant and bar were both very good. The tuna salad was superb - and all the courses were on the generous side. If you want English food - it does cater for the Brits! and Sky TV too!

Island Tour by coach - (Kefalonia Excursions)

Helen +           

We did the Island Tour with Etam - and thought it was reasonable for the money. Our Guide was able to offer lots of information and we visited a church, monastery, winery (if you dont mind bees!) photo stops for scenic views, Drogharati Caves, Mellissani Lake and Fiscardo. Would'nt recommend Fiscardo - as the Restaurant the rep takes you too is too slow - when you only have two hours and it was very expensive. (4 Euros for a beer that cost 2.5 Euros everywhere else) Definitely a playground for the rich.