Sotiris Apartments - (Accommodation in Svoronata)

Mark H           

If you want to "get away from it all" you won't get much better than Sotiris. We absolutely loved it - clean, quiet, good food and drink, lovely people and hospitality. We will visit again, for sure.

Dum Spiros Spero - (Restaurants in Svoronata)

Mark H           

By far the best in the area, even if marginally more expensive than Porto Helis. The squid is easily the best I have eaten ANYWHERE and everything else was superb. Free desserts are fine IF you can actually fit anything else inside you after your starter and main courses. Highly recommended.

Porto Helis Restaurant - (Restaurants in Svoronata)

Mark H           

Not quite as good as Dum Spiro's, but still very nice. Good quality and nice big portions, although the "fresh daily" vegetables (which seem to come with all main courses) reminded me of the nasty tinned stuff you used to get at school and weren't even necessary. The Giant mixed kebab is tops.

Annoying cats pester you for titbits, but a quick toe up the a**e soon gets rid of them.