Persas Taverna

Restaurants in Katelios

Barry S          10/10

I have holidayed in Katelios twice.On both occasions we spent many happy evenings at Persas.The food is really excellent, the service first class and friendly, the setting and the ambience are beatifull.This year we stayed in Poros for a week, and twice drove to Katelios to enjoy all i have previously mentioned.If you want a genuine Greek eating experience this is the place to go.

Duncan W          9/10

To be highly recommended. Nice setting and great food. Went to a number of different taverna / restaurants throughout our recent 2 week stay and Persas served by far the best greek food.

Tony F          4/10

We've been coming to Persas since a few weeks after the opening and have posted some very positive comments in the past.  However we feel Persas seems to have lost interest in the business and food and service (particularly) are well below what they were.  She now seems to be starting up some sort of accommodation agency/car hire outfit round the back of the taverna (where no one will see it!).  Other tavernas now serve most of what was originally a very exciting menu and rather better quality.  The location is not great and the walk we mentioned is not now worth it for us staying in the Irini, but handy for the increasing accommodation at the top end of the village.  Would not be surprised to see it change hands in the next year or two.  Big shame.
Tony and Kath
Prescot UK

Diane H           

Had Kefalonia Pie at Persa's which was the best. The dessert was to die for Walnut & Choc cake.
Wonderful surroundings and atmosphere.

Angi S           

Hi to Alex Dixon. Nikos told us all about you when we went back over this year, you sound like a bit of a bunny boiler unfortunately. Just to let you know that Nikos does not work at Persas anymore, kinda my fault and Persa i apologise profusely. He is now working in Scala, you'll be glad to know he is safe and well and is stilll as smooth as silk, he was there when my fiance asked me to marry him.


A very good place. Food is superb. Friendly staff who make you feel very welcome. Set within nice gardens.

Alex D           

hia babe wot u up 2" cant wait 2 c u agen am missing your grovey lil dancing behind the bar misss u loadzzzz alex x x x x x

Alex D           

hi nikos its alex AGEN! am still waiting for you to write back did you get my letter a couple of months a go if so every thing is true ii miss you more and more each day

Alex D           

hey nikos missing you terribly, you sexy beast! wot u been up to still with ANGEL? txt me on my fone i havent heared from u for ages good news coming back to kefalonia soon so hope to see you then love alex x x x x x04

Alex D           

havent really been here but just wanna say a big hia to nikos an a big congratulations to nikos on your new job hope you like it missin u loads n loads all my love alex x x x x from livrpool

Super M           

kala les den pao kala gia na agapiso esena

Kerrie G           

This was our favourite restaurant in Katelios. The staff are very friendly, the food is delicious and the restaurant itself is in a very nice location.We can't recommend it enough! Very popular with the Brits and the desserts are to die for!

Julie L           

We liked this restaurant and recommended it to many, who in turn said they enjoyed it. Relaxing atmosphere and close to EFrosini Studios - their meat pie is the best! (August 2003)

Bad I           

den ime kala ke pote den imouna ala sagapao poli poli poli para poli ke afto to ksero kala to mono parapono pou eho ine oti hriazoume ena krevati gia na kimithoume angalitsa ke mi mou pis oti den pao kala giati tha ertho stin mama sou na zitiso to heri sou sagapao ke pali ke prosehe mi kopsis latos apodiksi xxxxxxxxxxxx tha sou doso pio pola meta

A_ch _           

The best restaurant of all!Lovely place!Niko,den pas kala paidi mou..:)

Insect Z           

good food good restaurant and s.p .p.p for ever your small insect

Nell B           

persa was very nicely located just behind galini where you could see andrea cleaning his pool. the food was good and the staff were friendly it was good sevice apart from they forgot my drink but everything else there was very nice : )

Jessica F           

Erm??....Yeah Ok the service was really good here.Not so beautiful as the restaurants down the track on the sea front. We were enjoying ourselves there though until I came across a lump of black hair that I discovered in the patstistio I was eating,I didnt fancy tripping back there again!Jess :[

Gary G           

I must be missing something. The food was poorly cooked and not particularly fresh. The service was poor by local standards and bad by any Greek standards. The prices nothing to write home about. It is usually full because it is so far outside the village and is now surrounded by new development. I imagine the people that go there can't be bothered to walk 1K into the village and eat real food.

Tony F           

Definitely the best food in Katelios (though we once had one spectacular and untypical dud - some very dodgy prawns)and well worth the hike up from Kato Katelios and the poor view. Lots of dishes not to be had elsewhere and varying daily specialities and some nice touches with free appetisers. Can get very busy and service can suffer but usually poly endaxi! Don't miss the family photos inside and the stories of the flight from Smyrna in 1923. Also see if there are any of the original menus around with the photos of the opening night and the blessing by the priest. The Greek night in 2001 was pretty disappointing but may be better now - best in the Elleniko. Tony Farson and Kath Jones

Laurie S           

Over the years we watched Persas grow from the ground up. It was worth the wait, and then some! Hortosalata - Melitzanosalata - Skordalia - all, to use a cliche, "to die for", except that you would then not get to try the superb range of other genuine Greek dishes that Persa and Victoria have on offer. Genuine characters, genuine food, genuine atmosphere. A true Greek evening, every evening.

Daniela T           

Gute, traditionelle griechische Küche die man liebt. Die Soujoukakia (oder so ähnlich) sollte man unbedingt probieren (zumindest wenn man viel Knoblauch mag!). Sehr gemütlich.

Jane H           

Traditional Greek food which is homemade using veg from Persas' fathers garden adjoining the taverna. For a taste of real Greece it is a must.