Muses Cafe - (Bars in Lourdas)

Rianne F          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlargeMuses is a lovely bar/cafe.  We went here nearly every other night for a pre meal drink.  Nadia the owner is lovely.  Prices are very reasonable especially compared to the bars/restaurants on the front.  try the margaritas here they are the best.  we ate a couple of times, cafe type food - very nice - the homemade brownies and ice cream are gorg!  internet access here and plenty of books/magazines to read if you are (like i was) stuck with my man watching the euros!!  the scenery is beautiful overlooking the mountains - the patio garden is beautifully kept. would defo recomend it here.

Seven Cafe Bar - (Bars in Lourdas)

Rianne F          9/10

7 bar on the front is lovely.  with it being on a 1st floor level the views are lovely.  food and drink prices very reasonable.  owner very friendly.  they have games and book swap which was handy when i had finished my others.  definatley recomended.  try the ouzo and mezes which was very nice - although it took me 4 ice cubes and a whole bottle of water to get that ouzo down me - they're strong!  only downpoint is that the internet wasnt up and running.

Blue Sea Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Rianne F          4/10

click to enlargewe didnt find this restaurant the best to be honest.  the starters were very nice but the main meals (mousaka and meat pie) had just been made in a massive dish earlier and reheated so very dry.  on the other hand the staff were friendly and the views very nice. 

Casa de Blue Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Rianne F          8/10

I am suprised at the comments about this restaurant as we found it very pleasant.  It wasn't our favourite out of all the places we went but certainly had very enjoyable meals and the cost was pretty goods.  I had giant beans in a tomatoe sauce which I didnt like the sound of but wanted to try.  It was the nicest starter I had in the whole two weeks (apart from the roasted feta cheese)!  My husband had the garlic mushrooms which were equally as nice.  We ordered the lobster spaghetti which wouldnt be recomended as the lobster was extremely dry due to it probably being microwaved. Drinks were chilled and staff very friendly.  I would definatley recomend it.  

Klimatis Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Rianne F          9/10

We ate here a couple of times and enjoyed it very much.  It has a beautful setting probably the nice I have been in - with the tables set underneath grape vines right in front of the beach. the staff are very friendly.  i had the roasted feta cheese and vine leaves which are startes for my main meal one night - very tasty and very filling.  I cant remember what my family had - but they all enjoyed their meals both times we went!  definatley recomend it here.

Lorraines Magic Hill - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Rianne F          9/10

Very surprised at a couple of comments below - i know my food and beleive me it was very nice here!   we ate here twice in the evening and on each occasion we all enjoyed our meals and the service and we also went here for an english breakfast on the morning we were leaving.  it was a bit slow in the morning but probably because there was only lorraine cooking and one waiter and there were quite a few there that morning.  even so - we found lorraine VERY friendly and couldnt apologise enough when there was a wedding reception on whilst we were there and there wasnt really a chance of getting a table.  highly recomended restaurant.  its a must - even if it is just for the view which is gorg.

Lourdas Resort - (Resorts in Kefalonia)

Rianne F          8/10

We have just returned from a 14 day holiday in Lourdas.  It was a very beatiful place - crystal clear sea most of the time, clean beach - although it is quite pebbly.  It was a bit too undeveloped to spend the whole 2 weeks in that one area so hiring a car is a must - even if it is just to get up that hill which to be honest is a killer!  We stayed in a villaplus villa which was on end of the road by the lara hotel.  that hotel seemed a very pleasant place to stay - we went here a couple of times for a drink and to watch some of the football.  there are a couple of nice restaurants on the front and the seven bar which is lovely.  most of the nice restaurants though are at the top of the hill.  la mer and olive lounge the nicest.  there is a mini market further up which sells  papers - which was a must for us!!

we had a couple of trips to argostoli which is great to shop - very cheap.  Also skala which is a great resort and we are considering going for a week sometime. 

lourdas is recomended if you like it quiet but if you want to be getting up the hill make sure you are fairly fit!  it is a lovely place.

La Mer Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Rianne F          9/10

We all had very nices meals at this restaurant.  we were sat out on the decked area outside looking over the sea and mountains which was beautful. our starters and main courses were all very nice, staff friendly and efficient.  would recomend.

Lourdas Resort - (Resorts in Kefalonia)

Rianne F

In response to Rachael Dickinson's post....

Yes there is a bus that goes from the top of the hill to the beach - couldnt tell you exactly where but the bus stop signs are but it is obvious when you get there - the walk down isnt too bad its the walk up thats the killer.

You are better taking travellers cheques and changing them in Lourdas - I know CBR car rental opposite the olive lounge at the top of hill cashes them and also the lara hotel.  there are no cash machines in the town and only a handfull of the restaurants take card - definatley take cash/travellers cheques.

Prices vary really.  its not mega expensive but some restaurants are more expensive than others.  fish is quite pricey - prawns being very expensive.  the local greek cuisine is very reasonable though and also the shops aren't bad.  gifts to take home are very cheap!

you will have a wonderful time here i can promise you.

Rianne x