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GREEK SALAD - Tomato, cucumber, olives, onion, feta, cheese, peppers
8 euros

PLAIN - Tomato, Cucumber
4 euros

SEASONAL - Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot
4 euros

DIONYSOS (Suitable for two persons) - Tomato, ham, cucumber, pepper, onion, egg, cheese, sauce
8 euros


BOLOGNESE - minced meat and sauce
8 euros

NAPOLITANA - Tomato sauce
4 euros

CARBONARA - White sauce, mushroom, bacon, peppers
9 euros

SPAGHETTI IN THE OVEN - Cheese, sauce, ham, cooked in wood fire oven
9 euros

Pizza, Large 16Pcs, Medium 8 Pcs

MARGHERITA - Sauce, cheese
Large: 12 euros or Medium: 9 euros

PLAIN - Ham, Bacon, Cheese, sauce
Large: 13 euros or Medium: 10 euros

VEZOUVIOS (Spicy) - Cheese, tomato, onion, garlic, pepper, origano
Large: 14 euros or Medium: 11 euros

CAPRITSIOZA - Cheese, tomato, onion, ham, mushroom
Large: 14 euros or Medium: 11 euros

FOUR SEASON (Guests Selection) - Ham, bacon, salami, mushroom
Large: 14 euros or Medium: 11 euros

FERRARI - Cheese, tomato, mushroom, prawns, ham
Large: 20 euros or Medium: 15 euros

VEGETARIAN - Cheese tomato pepper onion garlic olives mushrooms
Large: 15 euros or Medium: 12 euros

SPECIAL - cheese, tomato, ham, bacon, sausage, pepper, mushroom
Large: 16 euros or Medium: 13 euros

FANTASIA - Mince, sauce, bacon, onion, cheese
Large: 15 euros or Medium: 12 euros

COUNTRY - Country sausage, feta, onion, pepper, tomato, cheese
Large: 15 or Medium: 12

PALLATSO - Cheese, tomato, salami, red pepper
Large: 14 or Medium: 11

Pita Kebab

PITA SOUVLAKI - Pork souvlaki, tomato, tzatziki, French fires, onion, tomato
2.50 euros

PITA CHICKEN SOUVLAKI - Chicken souvlaki, tomato, sauce, French fires, onion, tomato
3 euros

PITA BURGER - Veal burger, French fries, tomato, onion, sauce
2.50 euros

FRENCH FRIES - Fried in olive oil
3 euros

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Tel: +30 26710 31580
Website: lmth.sosynoid/tser/moc.ainolafeketsat

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