Blue Sea Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Sarah W          6/10

My boyfriend and I ate at the Blue Sea resturant once on our holiday. We ordered small cheese pies for a starter which were nice. My boyfriend loved the spicy chicken. I struggled to find something that i fancied to eat because i was vegetarian, i chose the stuffed tomatoes. My meal was very nice. There was a tv if you walked further into the resturant playing sports. One night when were walking back from a meal at other resturant we noticed that the Blue Sea was hosting a birthday party (or name day party), half the resturant was closed but they were still inviting customers into the back half of the resturant. I think if we had gone to eat there that nite we would have been disappointed that you wouldn't be able to see the sea.

Villa Mare - (Accommodation in Lourdas)

Sarah W          8/10

My boyfriend and I stay at Villa Mare end of June 2008 for a week. We were in a nice room on the bottom floor. The room was a good size for a basic apartment in Greece, with a good kitchen that had a cooker, fridge and lots of cups and mugs. I was impressed to find a kettle. The bathroom was ok too. The apartment and room was cleaned once in the week that we stayed there, including having the bed changed! We were glad that we could hire a fan for the week.  

Villa Mare had a pool that was just up the hill a little from the apartments. This was lovely, it was cleaned regularly, and there was many sunbeads, all had umbrellas except one for real sun worshippers! The pool was shared with other apartments but it was rare on our holiday that there were no sun beds free.Under the pool there was a room where you could bags on your departure day and there was 2 showers rooms with toliets in.
The beach was just a very short walk from our apartment, we enjoyed walking along the beach at the waters edge. I would recommend shoes that velcro on or something as i took slip on jelly shoes and flip flops which would have fallen of my feet had a gone much deeper. The beach is quite pebbly so i would recommend you wear shoes of somekind.