Olive Grove Studios - (Accommodation in Svoronata)

Carly J          10/10

just arrived back from the olive grove apartments, fantastic. we had a late deal so i wasn't expecting such a nice place. the pool was excellent, really friendly staff and ready to help whatever you needed.  it was kept so clean. the bins in the rooms were emptied every day. it was only 10 mins from the airport and it was so quiet. i would definatley recommend the Gemini Bistro for eating out, especially if you have kids!

Gemini - (Restaurants in Svoronata)

Carly J  (28 August 2007)        10/10

we found this little bistro on our second week, i wish we had found it sooner! the staff were friendly and the food was excellent. my daughter is only 1 1/2 so to find somewhere to eat that didnt mind a young one running about was like finding gold. the food was fantastic ranging from authentic greek dishes to english sausages! i would recommend the carbonara in fact i would give it 11/10!!! but one of the biggest bonuses of the gemini is the take away menu, just what you need after a long day out. i cant believe i forgot to mention the pizza's all i can say is delicious!